More Keyboard Shortcut Secrets in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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Did you know that the same keyboard shortcut can do different things inside Adobe Premiere Pro CC?

No, I didn’t either.

I’ve spent the week wandering around the Help files for Premiere. While a little weak in plot, it has a great cast of characters. In my wanderings, I stumbled across some interesting facts about creating keyboard shortcuts that I want to share with you.

(Click image to see larger view.)

For instance, why are some key caps purple, others green and some are both?

The answer is:

So, for instance, take the letter R. It has three different shortcuts assigned to it, depending upon which panel is in focus (has a blue box around it):

The application shortcut always takes priority, EXCEPT when you are in the Capture or Titler panels.

The Delete key has the most shortcuts assigned to it, depending upon which panel is in focus when the Delete key is pressed:


According to Adobe’s Help files:

A warning indicating a shortcut conflict appears when:

NOTE: I illustrate a warning a little later in this article.


The easiest way to create a shortcut is:

In the example above, I am creating Cmd + Option + C as the keyboard shortcut for All Caps.

The fastest way to create a shortcut is to click just to the right of the Command to open a text entry box, then type the shortcut you want to associate with this command.

I ESPECIALLY like that we can associate more than one shortcut with the same command. Again, click just to the right of an existing shortcut to add a second shortcut. (In this example, I clicked to the right of Option + Space, entered Option + P, then Premiere changed the order of the display.)

If there’s a conflict, the new shortcut will remove the old shortcut and Premiere will warn you. (This is the warning message mentioned above.)

Add as many shortcuts as you want, when are done, click OK to save your new entries, or Undo to undo the most recently created shortcut.

Cancel will abandon all your changes and close the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.


You can learn a lot more about keyboard shortcuts from this Adobe Help file:

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