Measuring Durations

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Robert Rhines writes:

I frequently find myself trying to figure out how long a blank space is between clips on the time line and also how long a clip is in the time line I need to replace. I thought I saw you do this a time or two in your training, but can’t seem to find it. What’s the quick secret?

Larry replies: Robert, to determine the duration of a clip, select it and type Control+D.

Gap 1

To determine the duration of a gap, control+click it and select Fill with Slug.

Gap 2

Then, control+click the slug and read the Duration on the fifth line down. (You can also control+click a clip to read the duration, but then, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you about Control+D.)

Another way to find the duration of a clip is to put your playhead in the middle of the clip you want to measure and press X. This sets an In and an Out for that clip. You can then see the duration in the timecode box in the upper-left of the Canvas.

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