Larry Jordan’s Articles for July, 2015

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If you’ve been on vacation and missed a few newsletter issues, here are the nineteen new articles I’ve written during July.

Final Cut Pro X

Apple Compressor

Motion 5

Adobe Media Encoder


Product Reviews


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2 Responses to Larry Jordan’s Articles for July, 2015

  1. Hi Larry,
    I have a recurring frustration when editing text fields in a FCPX title.

    The standard Mac keyboard has a “FORWARD Delete key” (located between “\” and “End”. In FCP X this deletes the selected clip and leaves a gap. When editing text in a FXP X title, you might assume that the FwdDel key would delete the character to the right of the cursor, but you would be wrong. It deletes the entire title!

    I just discovered an undocumented feature: When editing the text in a title, Option+Fwd Del will delete the character to the right of the cursor. Frankly, I’ll never remember that. I will continue the nuisance of hitting the FwdDel key, seeing my title disappear, CmdZ to undo, use the mouse, then delete the selected characters.

    Since I need to [forward delete text characters] more often than I need to [delete a clip + leave a gap], and in my infinite brilliance, I looked to the FCP X Command Editor to swap the two shortcuts. I don’t think it’s possible unless you have a trick up your sleeve!

    Thanks for everything Larry,


    • Larry says:


      Sigh… no tricks. This one drives me nuts, too. And that is a GREAT shortcut – nice discovery!


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