Jobs & Budgets Survey: Just How Busy Are You?

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Last week, I surveyed my readers asking “Just how busy are you?” 118 people responded. Here are the results.

DISCLAIMERS: This survey was mailed to 50,000 readers, 118 responded. (Which gives you an idea of how much we like surveys, I guess.) This is NOT a random survey, rather it is a survey of my audience, which tends to be older, more male than female and works professionally with media.

Think of this as a snapshot of professional media people who use Adobe and Apple software. This survey was open from May 10 – May 15, 2021.

Question 1: How would you describe your current work status?

People are busier than I expected, which is good news. But 1 in 5 folks are struggling to find work.


QUESTION 2: Give me a sense of how many jobs are out there?

The different between the answers to this question vs. Question 1 is that a number of respondents work for companies where media is not their sole focus.


QUESTION 3: How are budgets now compared to before the pandemic for the work that you do?

This, to me, was better news than I expected. My initial assumption was that budgets were down across the board.


QUESTION 4: What country are you located in?

While the majority of respondents are in the US, it always pleases me to get responses from elsewhere in the world.

I did not create this survey – nor did I get enough responses from outside the US – to analyze trends by country.


Business for media professionals seems to be coming out of the pandemic – but stresses such as lower budgets and insufficient work are significant obstacles for many.

Feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments below.

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One Response to Jobs & Budgets Survey: Just How Busy Are You?

  1. Frank Maxwell says:

    People in the USA have a bigger output of work and most dream of getting a full time job in the Media field. England is catching up but the major T.V channels are not in favour of giving talent a break. Many student in the media field have little knowledge of how to make a film. The iPhone is the big item to capture footage and camcorders here are getting a thing of the pass. Also YouTube is a killer regards showcasing ones work. The market is overloaded with rubbish.

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