Illustrating 3-Point Lighting [video]

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In this short video, Larry Jordan illustrates with examples and diagrams what the term “3-point Lighting” refers to and the impact adding different lights at different angles has on creating a specific look for your talent.

Illustrating 3-Point Lighting

TRT: 4:18 — MPEG-4 HD movie

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4 Responses to Illustrating 3-Point Lighting [video]

  1. Constance says:

    Beautifully illustrated AND illuminated.
    Thank you Larry

  2. Joyce says:

    Clear, concise, excellent summary of lighting with helpful examples. Thanks!

  3. John Francis says:

    Thank you Larry. Very useful. Lighting continues to be an area where, at times, I let myself down. Two very pertinent, separate, recent examples – an older woman, and an older man, both with well lived-in faces. I had a key and a back, but no fill – and being older folk I should also have had my key more directly from the front, so as to mitigate what I ended up with, which was ugly furrowing in their faces.

    • Larry says:


      Yup. Younger actors can take stronger light from the sides.

      The older and more, um, furrowed the face, the more the key needs to move closer to the camera.


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