How To Download The Apple Final Cut Pro X User Manual [u]

Posted on by Larry

[ Updated Feb. 11, 2018, for Final Cut Pro X 10.4. ]

We are all familiar with Apple’s on-line help for Final Cut. The problem is that many times, the online Help file is not complete. For example, today I was writing an article on the new Temperature settings in the Color Wheels. Searching for the word “temperature” in the online Help files turned up nothing. Sigh…

However, there’s hope!

What you may not know is that you can download the much more complete User Manual for Final Cut Pro X in iBook format (ePub) from  the iTunes Store. Once downloaded you don’t need an Internet connection to view the book – just the iBooks application, which is in your Applications folder.

Best of all, this User Manual is free! Download it at this link.

(Click to view larger image.)

Here’s what the screen looks like when you get there. Click the Get button to download. The book will open automatically when the download is complete.

NOTE: If you see a View in iBooks button, click it and you’ll see the Get button.

After that, open iBooks, click the All Books tab at the top and the book should appear near the top. You can also search for it using the Search box in the top right.

NOTE: ePub documents are stored in a hidden folder inside your Library. They do not show up in your downloads folder and are not the same as a PDF.

(Click to view larger image.)

To give you an idea of what the book looks like, here’s a sample page.

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8 Responses to How To Download The Apple Final Cut Pro X User Manual [u]

  1. Warren Nelson says:

    Thanks! This is great!

  2. martymankins says:

    Thanks for the link to this iBook. I have been reading it the last few months. A good official resource to have.

  3. dhas says:

    Thank u very much sir

  4. James Duke says:

    Thanks Larry.
    I had this book in my iBooks lib. It turns out that in my case it was v 10.3. In order to get v 10.4 I had to delete the one I had and download the new one.

  5. Peter Snowdon says:

    When I click on the link I get the screen you show but do not have a GET button. I have the chance to click on the box that says FCP user guide but it just refreshes.

  6. jim mcquaid says:

    The link apparently took me to the 10.3 version because when I searched for temperature there was nothing!


  7. Philip Snyder says:

    I don’t have the Get button either. Just “View in iBooks”.

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