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Sara Hoopes asks:

Wondering, I get asked all the time how to loop a DVD. As far as I knew you couldn’t.

Do you know any special magic tricks that will allow a DVD to loop?

Larry replies: It’s easy as long as you just want one track to loop.

Set the End Jump of a track to the beginning of the same track. It will loop endlessly until you press the Menu button to exit back to a menu.

I use this trick for trade show videos all the time.

UPDATE – March 5, 2011

Michael Grenadier comments:

regarding looping video in a dvd, the method you describe will work, but you will probably get a slight hiccup at the loop point. If you’ve got a fade in and fade out at the beginning and end of your clip, not really a problem, However, if you don’t, if you’re material is relatively short, consider repeatedly pasting it into a track til you fill your dvd capacity. This will give you multiple seamless loops. I would still use your “end jump” method but you will have fewer hiccups.

Larry replies: Thanks, Michael, I appreciate the update.

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