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fTrack Review, a new cloud-based collaborative media review and approval platform from ftrack – has launched April 2. This was developed by ftrack, the same Swedish team that developed the project management application ftrack Studio.

NOTE: Here’s the website.

“ftrack Review is a cloud-based collaborative media review and approval tool designed for creative teams who must iterate on media and gain feedback from stakeholders. Whereas providing feedback via email can be inefficient and lead to confusion, ftrack Review helps content creators to efficiently and visually communicate with clients via a web browser.

“Users simply upload media using ftrack Review’s intuitive and modern UI, then share it anywhere in the world via a secure review link. As ftrack Review works directly via desktop or mobile web browser, clients, teammates and collaborators can access the review without needing to sign up or install additional software. They simply jump in and provide creative feedback in the form of comments and annotations, which are timestamped to the frame on which they’re made to keep communication in context.

“ftrack Review’s visual approach and ease of use replaces confusion with clarity; iterative stagnation with creative momentum; and tangled email threads with centralised, frame-specific feedback.” (ftrack press release)

Here’s a summary of its features:

Pricing and availability

ftrack Review is available today at $15 a month per user with 250 GB of storage per workspace. Additional storage options are also available for purchase.

The ftrack website is:

NOTE: A 7-day free trial is also available. At 50% discount on the monthly price is available until May 31, 2019.

The Digital Production Buzz is talking with the CEO of ftrack during our coverage of the 2019 NAB Show. Learn more here.

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2 Responses to ftrack Review Released

  1. Christopher Fryman says:

    Would seem to me that 250gb is not enough. The videos I am making use up much more than that. What am I not understanding?

    • Larry says:


      You would generally post a compressed version of your project for review. This saves both storage space and upload time.


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