Five Quick Tips for Apple Final Cut Pro X

Posted on by Larry

Here are five quick tips that can make your editing faster and more fun in Final Cut Pro X.


If you go to the same hard disk and folder time and again when importing media, then create a media to make this faster.

Drag the name of the folder from the file list in the Media Import window on top of the word “FAVORITES” in the side bar on the left.

To instantly jump to that location, simply click once on the name of that new favorite.

To delete a favorite location, right-click the name you want to delete and choose Remove from Sidebar. This removes the location as a favorite, but does not remove the folder or the media it contains from your hard disk or the Browser.


(Image courtesy Blackmagic Design.)

Easily display source timecode, as well as file names and keywords, in the Browser.

Drag the skimmer in a clip to view source timecode. Type Control + Y, again, to turn this off.

NOTE: This feature won’t work if skimming is turned off.


Here’s a way to create a custom group to help organize large numbers of clips in an event.

Let’s imagine that you have sorted your clips into scenes, where each scene is its own event. The problem is that you still have lots of clips in that event.

NOTE: You can select multiple clips and apply the same word(s) to all of them at once.

In the Browser, click the film frame icon in the top right corner and change Group By to Camera Name.

(Images courtesy Blackmagic Design.)

Instantly, all your clips are grouped within that Event in the Browser by the custom categories you just created.


By accident, you split a clip in the Timeline that you didn’t mean to cut.

Select both sides of the split clip, then choose Mark > Join Clips.

The split is gone.

NOTE: For this to work, there can not be any frames missing across the edit.


After you’ve opened more than one project into the Timeline:

Turn skimming off, put the playhead on a marker:


Final Cut Pro X is filled with hidden secrets that make editing faster and more fun – especially once you know what they are.

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One Response to Five Quick Tips for Apple Final Cut Pro X

  1. An addendum to your note about source clips:
    When looking at clips in a Multicam sequence, there is an option to view the Timecode.
    From the Multicam window, choose the Setting dropdown menu and at the bottom, under the Overlays header is Timecode.
    I wasted countless hours looking for this in Apple’s documentation and posted on several forums without luck. I often shoot interviews in Multicam so this was a life saver for me.

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