First Look: Rampant Premiere Essentials for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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logo_RampantRampant Designs has created a collection of presets, titles, projects and templates for Premiere Pro:

Together, these provide:

Most are animated and all of them are drag-and-drop easy to apply.

Product: Premiere Essentials v1
Developer: Rampant Designs
Price: $29 (US)


These effects are shipped as Premiere presets or projects, so you don’t need to “install” them, you simply need to open them from within Premiere.

NOTE: It is a good idea to make a backup of these projects so that you don’t unintentionally save over the original project.

Depending upon which version of Premiere you are running, you may see this message. Go ahead and click OK to update the project to the version of Premiere you are running.


There are at least two sets of templates containing animated lower third and full screen titles. One of the challenges in creating text effects for any NLE is figuring out how to handle fonts. Premiere uses all the fonts that are installed on your system. But there are literally thousands of fonts available – and every designer has their favorites; which are only rarely included in the base set of fonts shipped with your system.

In this case, Rampant provides a link with the installation instructions for two fonts that they use in many of their text templates.

Also, while projects can be different frame sizes, these titles are designed for 1080p projects. And as before, you’ll want to change the font to something that matches the style of your project.

There are many different titles to choose from, each of them animated using keyframes. (This means you can modify the animation, if you wish, by changing the keyframes.) The best advice is simply to play with them and see which ones you like.


One of the really intriguing projects included in this package is a “Modern Promo.” This 18-video-track template is ready for you to add video into 45 clips that are pre-edited into Track V1. Effects are already preset and timed in the upper tracks.

What this template provides is an excellent way to deconstruct popular techniques that are used by high-end promo editors to catch the eye and add energy to any promo.

I found myself exploring the clips and effects included here for almost 30 minutes and learning something with almost each new clip.


Probably the most valuable part of this effects collection is a series of effects presets that you import into the Effects panel, then apply to your clips, including:

To install these presets, open the Effects panel, right-click the Presets folder and choose Import Presets.

These include a wide variety of animated bumps, jitters, and shakes which you can apply to any clip the same as any other Premiere effect.

Take a look at the demo on the Rampant Design Tools website. The price is reasonable, especially considering the variety of effects you are getting. This package gives you a lot of different effects to help make your next promo or commercial much more eye-catching.

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