Releases axledit and Updates Axle ai

Last week, Axle ai released a new cloud-based video editor called axledit. This runs in your browser, with integrated collaboration, search, and publishing features. Even better, it includes a media management back-end for the video editor, and the option to hook into on-premise axle ai systems so you can combine cloud and network-attached storage media in your projects.


The editing interface in axledit.

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With a timeline interface instantly familiar to video editors, axledit is available in three pricing tiers from free to $50/monthly. (No credit card is required for the free tier.) The new software provides:

While not as robust as industry leaders such as Media Composer, Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, axledit is specifically designed for collaboration and social media. Multiple users can simultaneously create a collaborative rough cut, then either post it directly to YouTube (or Vimeo) or send the edit to a dedicated video editing system for final polish.

Project and media browser in axledit.

I asked Sam Bogoch, CEO of axle ai, why they developed axledit.

“We’ve spent the last decade pioneering software for searching and managing large amounts of media,” Sam replied. “We developed axledit to handle that plus the next steps, which are taking selected media, putting it into sequences and sharing them with collaborators and clients. And because the last few years have seen rapid growth in remote work and cloud workflows, we’ve made axledit a cloud-first browser app that doesn’t require any type of server or other hardware on premise. We’ve also made it super-affordable. You can open an account and start uploading, editing and sharing media without even entering a credit card.”

Where axle sees the benefit of axledit is in supporting the millions of creators developing video for social media. There, simple editing tools, speed of turn-around, and collaboration  are paramount.


I am a long-time fan of axle ai. What began simply as media management, axle now describes as “an AI-driven video transcription and facial recognition” software. While, to me, its biggest strength is media tracking, labeling, search and management. axle ai is now cloud-based. However, a version is available using local storage for companies needing to provide more security for their media.

With this update, axle added:



What makes axledit so intriguing is that it couples a media asset management back-end with a video editing interface. While not a replacement for a stand-alone NLE, it makes new kinds of cloud-based video collaboration possible.

I’m looking forward to putting axledit, and the upgraded axle ai, through their paces.

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