Final Cut Pro X: Fun With Titles

One of the fun benefits to creating titles in FCP X is that so many of them are already created. In the current (10.4.3) version of Final Cut there are seemingly hundreds to choose from, with a vibrant 3rd-party community creating hundreds more.

Still, this last weekend, I was wandering around inside the app, looking for something to write about and discovered a few tricks you might like. Let me show you.


This is the Ink effect, but with its background missing.

Here’s how to create this:


This takes blend modes to an entirely different level.


Apply the Rotate 3D title to your clip. Now, let’s get each letter to rotate and change color as it does.

In Inspector > Text:

Then, in Inspector > Title:

Finally, in Inspector > Text:


Here’s what happens when we change the texture of the letters in 3D text.

Using the same 3D text, click Material > All Facets and set it to Concrete > Aged Concrete.

If that isn’t over the top enough, change Material to Multiple, and apply a texture to each face of your text.

This is one place you could end up – different colors and different textures on each edge of the text.


Search in Titles for Speech Bubbles.

In Inspector > Title:

Then, in Inspector > Text:


Titles, in Final Cut Pro X, are an extremely flexible – and fun – playground for your imagination.

Not every project needs to use serious titles – sometimes, something fun is more… um, fun.

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5 Responses to Final Cut Pro X: Fun With Titles

  1. Mike Janowski says:

    Wow! For $300 I can get LiveType X!

  2. nina says:

    Hey Mike – How do you change the background color for the default black in th Basic Title. I have FCP 10.4.8 and can’t figure this small thing out!
    I only have simple white titles, in basic and then scrolling. No options show up in the Published Parameters. Thanks!

    • Larry says:


      Remember the “black” displayed behind a title in the Titles Browser is not black but transparency. To change the background, simply drag something different under the title in the Timeline.


  3. Olga says:

    Hi, do you know how to insert a video into a speech bubble title? I have Final Cut Pro 10

    • Larry says:


      I just did a quick test. The easiest way is to open the Speech Bubble in Motion.

      * Replace the background with blue
      * Replace the white inside the bubble with green

      Then, create a compound clip with the speech bubble and the video you want to put inside it. Apply Keying > Keyer to the green to make it transparent and allow the background video to show through.

      Next, apply Keying > Keyer to the compound clip and replace the blue background with the background you want to see behind the speech bubble.

      Stacking order:
      * Speech bubble
      * Video inside the speech bubble

      * Background video.


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