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Posted on by Larry

Final Cut Pro X Logo[ There are more than twenty significant new features in the 10.0.6 update to Final Cut Pro X. This article looks at one of them. Check out our latest training covering the Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 update here ]

Here are some quick tricks from the 10.0.6 Final Cut Pro X update that can make your life a lot easier.


Yes, my friends, we now have a new menu choice that cuts all clips on all layers at the position of the skimmer, or playhead, in the Timeline.

In the past, we needed to select all the clips we wanted to cut, then type Command+B. Now, though, you can put the playhead where you want to cut all clips and select Edit > Blade All.

Except, I hate having to go to a menu to cut a bunch of clips. So, here’s the keyboard shortcut: type Shift+Command+B.


Here’s another time saver. Notice here that I have a top clip connected to the first clip. This technique allows you to change the clip in the Primary Storyline, without changing the position of the connected clip.


Press the Grave (`) accent key (top left corner of the keyboard). Notice the cursor now has a new shape.

Press the Grave key then drag the Primary Storyline clip that has connections attached to it.. This allows you to move the Primary clip, without moving the connected clips; as you see here, the Primary clips are changing positions.

NOTE: Oh! Want to know how to move a connection, without moving the clip? Press Option+Command somewhere in the middle of the connected clip. Wherever you click determines where the clip connection will attach. This is great when you want to attach a clip to the shot that follows, rather than the start of the clip.


One of the GREAT new features in the 10.0.6 update is the ability to retain the Ins and Outs of a clip. I really, really like this feature. In fact, you can select multiple ranges for a single clip. Here’s how:

Set a range the old-fashioned way, using the keyboard shortcuts I and O. Then, press the Command key while dragging within the same clip to set a new range. There’s no limit to the number of ranges you can set on one-clip, the only rule is that ranges can’t overlap.

Want to select one range when there are multiple ranges in a clip? Command-click the range.

Want to select all the ranges associated with a clip? Command-click the clip.

Want to delete a range in a clip? Select it and type Option+X.

Want to delete all ranges in a clip? Select the clip and type Option+X.

Want to delete all ranges in all clips and start over? Type Command+A to select all, then type Option+X.


This isn’t new, but it’s really useful. If you want to click in the Timeline, without changing the position of the playhead, for example to select a clip, press Option when clicking.

The playhead won’t move.

NOTE: There are a lot of really cool new features in this latest update. For all the details, check out my FCP X: New Features 10.0.6 video training.

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17 Responses to FCP X: Tricks Too Cool for School

  1. Oren Hercz says:

    That last tip, about pressing option to select without moving the playhead. . . . that just saved me hours and hours of work!!!!!!! Thank you.

    • Oren Hercz says:

      Larry! I don’t know if this is new, but I’ve been trying your option-click trick, and it didn’t work, until I realized it is the opposite of what you wrote. If I hold option, it DOES move the playhead when I select a clip. If I don’t hold anything and select a clip, the playhead doesn’t move. I don’t remember it being like this before, so maybe this is a change with the new update?

      • Larry Jordan says:

        This is the second report I’ve had of this behavior. it shouldn’t be this way and I don’t know why it is reversed. Try trashing FCP X preferences and see if things revert.


        • Egon Freeman says:

          So… this is a bug/problem? Damn… And I was already happy that they finally fixed this irritating behavior… (Yes, happening to me, too, and I’m loving it)

          There should be a Preference switch for this stuff…

      • Nathan says:

        This happens to me too

        • Judd says:

          Regarding the Option+click and playhead trick, Apple reversed the default behavior as of v10.0.0.6. So, yes, now you MUST hold Option in order to have the playhead follow you to the clip you select by clicking. See http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4589, which are the release notes indicating this change.

          SIDE NOTE: Larry, it would be helpful if your articles had a date/time stamp so we know from what time perspective you were writing.

          • Larry Jordan says:


            Good tip – I am so used to moving the playhead by clicking in the timecode section of the Timeline, that I missed this behavior change in 10.0.6. Thanks for pointing this out.

            As for date/time stamps, I’ll see what my website supports, and I’ll try to be more diligent in listing the version number of the software. But, very few of us – including me – are able to keep track of when each version shipped and all the changes in it.


          • Shorty says:

            It only says so in the release notes, but never mind:


      • Shorty says:

        Seriously Larry?? It IS the way it’s supposed to be, it’s not a BUG… :facepalm:

        And yes, it changed with *10.0.6*… oh the irony.

  2. Cem Yıldırım says:

    You say “Want to select one range when there are multiple ranges in a clip? Command-click the range.” No need to press command key for that. Just click that range and it is selected.

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  4. Patrick says:

    Hi Larry, these are excellent tips, but for some reason, the ‘grave’ accent trick doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried modifiers and no dice, my curser never turns. Is there another way?

    • LarryJ says:


      This technique was added in the 10.0.6 update. The only reason it might not work is that you created a custom keyboard shortcut set and did not include this shortcut.


      • Patrick says:

        Ahhh, you are correct. Thanks! Ok, so do you know the shortcut name so I can keep it? 🙂 Can’t seem to find it specifically.

        • Patrick says:

          Sorry… answered my own question. It’s called ‘override connections’. So now I have my key commands and I’ve added this one. Thanks very much!

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