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[ Click here for an updated version (April, 2020). For an in-depth video tutorial, check out my webinar on Multicam Editing in Final Cut Pro X.]

Creating a multicam clip is simple if you follow these instructions. A single multicam clip can contain video, audio, and/or stills. While you can mix and match codecs, frame size, frame rate and scanning, you will get the best performance if they match. The best way to match media is to optimize it.

The easiest way to sync clips is to have Final Cut Pro X match the audio between all the clips. However, this can take a bit of time and requires the same audio on all elements. The fastest way to sync clips is using matching timecode (which is set during production) or set a marker in each clip where the clapper slate “claps.” This marker needs to be the first marker in each clip.

  1. Select all the clips you want to combine into a multicam clip in the Event Browser. These can be video, audio, or stills.
  2. Choose File > New Multicam Clip.
  3. In the dialog, give the multicam clip a name and determine how you want to sync the elements. Generally, the default settings in the lower half of the window are fine.

    NOTE: If you are not using audio to sync, uncheck “Use Audio for Synchronization.” This speeds the syncing process.

  4. In the Event Browser, set an In and Out (Start/End) for the multicam clip.
  5. To modify, add, or change the order of angles, double-click the multicam clip in the Event Browser to open it into the Angle Editor. (Click the small left-pointing arrow in the top left corner of the Angle Editor to return to the project timeline.)
  6. Open the project into the Timeline that you want to add the multicam clip.
  7. Edit the multicam clip into the Timeline (generally, press E)
  8. Select Window > Viewer Display > Show Angles (type Shift+Command+7) to display the angle viewer.
  9. In the Settings menu, in the top right corner of the Angle Editor, select the number of angles you want to view at one time (from 2 – 16).
  10. At the top of the Angle Viewer, click the waveform button to change it to green, then click the angle that contains the starting audio source.
  11. Click the Clip button to change it to blue, then click the angle you want to use as the starting video shot.
  12. To edit video only, leave the Clip button blue. To edit audio and video, click the Clip/Waveform icon in the top left to change it to yellow.
  13. In the Timeline, position the playhead at the start of the multicam button (generally, press the Home key).
  14. Select the Timeline, play the clip, and begin editing:
    • To edit the angles with the mouse, click an image in the Angle Viewer.
    • To edit the angles with the keyboard, type 1 – 9.
  15. Trim edit points using the Roll tool.
  16. Replace one edited shot with another in the Timeline either by Option+clicking the new image, or type Option+ 1 through 9.
  17. Done.

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6 Responses to FCP X: Multicam Cookbook

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  2. Is there a way to create a multicam clip from the timeline? I used Pluraleyes to sync multiple cameras, which created a new XML. This xml has clips synced on a timeline. I’ve tried creating a compound clip in the timeline, but you can’t create a multicam clip from that. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Larry!

    • Larry Jordan says:


      I’m not sure. You could try creating a multicam clip with just one angle, then copy/paste clips from the timeline into the Multicam clip. I haven’t done this personally, but if that doesn’t work, then the answer is no.


  3. Felix Bueno says:

    Once the multicam editing is finished and you are happy with the edit. Is there a way to convert multicam clips to normal clip for fx purposes? I want to add some camera stab or improve some slow motion applying oflow but it’s not possible to do it on a multicam clip. I need every cut to be converted to a normal video

    • Larry says:


      In FCP 7, we could deconstruct a multicam clip, but that is not possible in FCP X.

      However, I just did a test. While you can’t stabilize a clip in a multicam clip once it’s edited into the Timeline, you CAN stabilize it if you open the multicam clip by double-clicking on it in the Browser. Then, in the Angle Editor, you can stabilize the clip.


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