FCP X: Drop Shadow Effect [Video]

New with the 10.0.6 update to Final Cut Pro X is the ability to add a drop shadow to any clip, or group of selected clips.

In this short, three-minute Final Cut Pro X training video, you’ll see how to use this new feature, including the ability to change between a drop shadow, cast shadow, and front-facing shadow. Plus, you’ll also learn how to use the new on-screen controls, as well as the controls available in the Inspector.

NOTE: This is a highlight from my extended training on the latest features in Final Cut Pro X. You can download the complete training or access all my video training via my new subscription membership.

TRT: 2:33 — QuickTime HD movie

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12 Responses to FCP X: Drop Shadow Effect [Video]

  1. joleru says:

    Hoi, recently I am unable to see your video’s in the newsletter. The comment I receive is
    Video-Format or MIME not supported.

    However I am able to view the video’s when I go to your Honepage.

    Any isea why?
    Looking forward hearing you
    I remain with kind regards

    • Larry Jordan says:


      Some of our videos don’t play in the FireFox browser, which requires WebM videos. We are in the process of converting our videos, and updating the programming necessary to play them, but not all pages have been converted. Changing browsers – at least to view our videos – will solve this problem.


  2. Yorg says:

    Videos don’t show in Camino browser either. No problem, I have 3 other backups, it works perfectly in iCab.

    thanks Larry, love your tutorials & tweets!

  3. Aaron Walker says:

    Am I crazy…. why has my drop shadow effect disappeared from the effects browser?? Is it possible I have deleted it ? I selected ‘ALL’ under video effects, type ‘drop’, and ‘droplet’ effect is all that comes up 🙁

  4. Chris Young says:

    Hi, Larry. I’m not sure if anyone monitors these older posts, but I have the same problem as Aaron. I’ve watched the videos, and searched the web, and I just cannot for the life of me find the Drop Shadow effect in FCPX 10.2.2.

    I’ve downloaded the additional content, I’ve trashed preferences, I’ve stared and wept silently for hours… I’m out of ideas.


    • Larry says:


      It’s still there – just moved.

      Open the Effects Browser and search for Drop. It is now a stand-alone effect, which can be applied to any clip.

      Titles, as always, have the Drop Shadow effect as part of the Text window in the Inspector.


      • Chris Young says:

        Hi, Larry.

        Thanks for getting back to me so soon. I cannot imagine you find time in the day!

        Unless I’m misunderstanding something basic (which isn’t impossible!), I feel like it’s still missing. The first picture – https://flic.kr/p/z9Lkxg – was doing just that. It comes back with two results, Droplet and Raindrops, but no trace of any kind of shadow.

        The third picture is looking at everything in Stylize, and it’s just not there.

        I tried trashing preferences again, because my toolbox isn’t super deep, but no luck.

        Thanks so much for your time!


        • Larry says:


          Call Apple Support. Drop Shadow is in Effects > Stylize. It first showed up in the 10.1 release – make sure your version is current.


          • Chris Young says:

            Hi, Larry.

            For future reference, if anyone else has this problem, it ended up being unsolvable without completely deleting Final Cut (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202412) and doing a fresh install.

            As to what, exactly, was causing the issue: “some kind of problem.” Everything was updated (10.2.2), all the parts were in order, and then there was “some kind of problem.” (Sorry for the techno-jargon).

            Luckily, a fresh install cleared things right up. As an added bonus, reinstalling FCP was a whole lot easier than I’d feared. Next time, I wouldn’t be quite so hesitant about giving it a try. Hopefully, that little bit of knowledge will be helpful to someone else, down the line.

            Thanks again for your time!


          • Larry says:


            Glad you got it fixed and thanks for letting us know.


  5. Mike Browne says:

    Like Chris Young my Drop Shadow has vanished from Effects > Stylise since updating to 10.2.2. I also have a nasty single frame flash at start and finish of Titles > Lower Thirds > Tribute > Left which wasn’t there before.

    Thanks for sharing Chris – I’ll reinstall.
    Thank you Larry – you are certainly the best FCP man out there.


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