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Final Cut Pro X Logo[ There are more than twenty significant new features in the 10.0.6 update to Final Cut Pro X. This article looks at one of them. Check out our latest training covering the Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 update here ]

Another little feature that saves SO much time is Copy/Paste Attributes. This allows us to copy a variety of effects from one clip to another clip (or group of clips) without copying all of them.

This long-time feature in Final Cut Pro 7 is now available in Final Cut Pro X.
Here’s how it works.

Apply effects to clip in Final Cut Pro X

Apply as many effects, or Inspector settings, to a clip as you wish. In this case, I:

Select the clip that has the effects you want to copy and choose Edit > Copy (or type the well-known Command+C).

NOTE: You can only copy effects from one clip. If more than one clip is selected, the effects are copied from the first clip.

Select the clip, or group of clips, to which you want to paste the effects.

Final Cut Pro X Paste Attributes

Select Edit > Paste Attributes.

The Paste Attributes dialog opens. On the left is an image of the clip and a list of all the effects – including individual filters – of the clip you copied.

On the right is an image of the clip to which you want to apply effects.

Apply Paste Attributes in Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6

NOTE: If more than one clip is selected, the image at the top is replaced by a group icon showing the number of selected clips.

Keyframe positions in Final Cut Pro X

Notice this menu at the bottom> If you don’t have keyframes applied to any effect, you can ignore this. If you DO have keyframes applied, this determines what happens to them.

Maintain Timing. With this setting, keyframe positions are not changed, they are copied to match the new clip with the old.

Stretch to Fit. Here, keyframe positions are adjusted based on the differences in duration between the original clip and the new clip. If the new clip’s duration is shorter than the original clip, keyframe positions are moved closer together, proportional to the difference in duration. If the new clip is longer, keyframes are moved farther apart.

This is similar to the keyframe checkbox in FCP 7 for Paste Attributes, and I am very pleased that Apple retained it.

In this case, I am not using keyframes, so I can leave this popup menu at its default setting.

Final Cut Pro X Paste Attributes

On the left, check all the effects you want to transfer to the selected clips. Unlike FCP 7, we are now able to paste specific filters, as well as all the other Inspector settings. In this case, I’m copying:

When you have selected everything you want to copy, click OK.

NOTE: Unlike FCP 7, we are not able to paste the content of the old clip into the new clip.

Effect copied to another clip

Instantly, all the new clips inherit the effects you copied from the old clip. This is SUCH a useful tool, I am glad to see it back.

NOTE: If you want to copy all the effects from one clip to another clip (or group of clips) it is faster to use Edit > Paste Effects.

SECOND NOTE: While there is no way to remove all effects applied to a clip, here’s a quick workaround to reset all the Inspector settings for a clip:

  • Copy a clip that has no effects associated with it.
  • Select the clip with the Inspector settings you want to reset.
  • Select Edit > Paste Effects.
  • All Inspector settings are reset to default.
  • Now, simply open the clip in the Inspector and remove the effects you added from the Effects Browser by selecting the effect name and pressing Delete.



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19 Responses to FCP X: Copy/Paste Attributes

  1. Thomas says:

    Aaaaand …drumm rolls please … they forgot to implemet “Remove Attributes”.
    How smart is that?

    • Jayden says:

      you can bulk remove attributes. (FCPX 10.0.7)

      Select all the clips you want to remove attributes from.

      The attributes will be displayed in the inspector – delete them there. The attributes/effects will be deleted from all.

      I did use this on several audio tracks some with voice enhanced ticked & some with out and when I went to change the effect it showed up 2 dashes (-) one next to voice enhance & one next to none. The end result was that one of the audio files was embedded with the effect with no way of turning it off (glitch). So maybe just delete like effected clips to avoid this.

      (it may be buggy so check everything worked before you continue on editing & need to use the undo button 20 steps down the track)

      • VNK says:

        No, attributes for multiple clips don’t show up on inspector. When you select multi clips, the inspector will simply read-“Inspecting XX items.

        • Ben Giles says:

          This worked for me today. I needed to remove a compressor effect from multiple clips, before pasting a new revised compresor effect across them.

          Select all, go to the inspector, click on audio tab, click on effect you want to remove and hit delete.

          All gone. Thanks Jayden.

  2. Peter says:

    What gives, no matter what I do the paste attributes is ghosted out. I’m trying to copy from one jPEG and replace another. Whats to trick?

    • Larry Jordan says:

      You haven’t applied any effects to the first JPEG. You CAN replace the effects of one clip with the effects you copied from another clip. You can NOT replace one clip with another.


      • Peter says:

        Yes I see now, I was looking at it like the old FCP7 way, where you could pick video or audio also. Kind of wish it was still like that, it would save me a step. O well. 🙂

  3. Steve Barnes says:

    Today, all if the sudden, the dialogue box would not come up when I select paste attributes. Nothing happens. Any ideas? Have you seen this happen?

  4. Rick Willy says:

    I did the above when trying to remove same attributes from multiple clips. it’s weird and clunky but you select a range of clips, then tap on one – the clips will go from yellow highlighted to white highlighted, then tap on it’s inspector and choose all the like filters and delete. this worked for me and deleted across all clips that were selected. That said, I expected more from Apple this many years into the final cut world. As artists trying to achieve certain looks, we’re not supposed to change our minds after they went through great lengths to created the audition tool? At any rate, you’re the best, Larry – your vids have taught me so much over the years!

  5. E;eanor says:

    THIS JUST MADE MY WEEK! Thank you so so much! 😀

  6. Dylan says:

    WOW, thank you so much

  7. Emmanuel says:


    Does anyone how to actually paste TEXT attributes (size of font of a title for example?)

    It doesn’t appear in the paste attributes menu.


  8. […] to copy and paste attributes and effects from one clip to […]

  9. Rach S. says:

    FCPX do not copy transform attributes to another still image. I’m trying to copy the size of one still image to another. Or is this just for video clips only? Why is that?

    • Larry says:


      Copying Transform settings for both video and stills works fine for me:

      * Select clip with the effects you want to copy
      * Choose Edit > Copy (Cmd+C)
      * Choose the clip, or clips, you want to apply the settings to
      * Choose Edit > Paste Effects


      If FCP X is not behaving. try trashing preference files to reset the system. This article explains how:



  10. Thyago A. says:

    Is there some way to copy a keyframe attribute to the whole clip?
    In one clip, I have two keyframes, forming an crop animation. So, the next clip in timeline must have the same crop as the second keyframe from the previous clip. But, it seems to me there is no way to copy the crop attribute from the second keyframe to the whole second clip.
    Kind regards,

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