Encode Image Sequences in Adobe Media Encoder

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NOTE: This article began as a tutorial on how to use Watch Folders in Adobe Media Encoder to encode image sequences. As far as I can tell, however, it can’t be done. So, here’s how to use AME to encode image sequences without using watch folders.


An image sequence, unlike a movie, is a series of still images all stored in the same folder. (A movie stores all its images in the same file.) Many motion graphics programs export image sequences, rather than movies, when they export a project.

Adobe Media Encoder easily converts these into movies.

Here’s our source folder, a series of 150 PNG images in a single folder.

To start, don’t drag the image folder into AME. That won’t work.


NOTE: This preset defaults to a 29.97 frame rate. Adjust the output frame rate using Video > Frame rate. Here, I’m setting it to 24 fps.


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