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logo-businessEric Barrier, Content Administrator with Epic Presence in Chicago, sent me this note:

I was doing some research on aerial videography today when I came across your site. I like your “Essential Information on Flying Drones” piece from last year.

Our team recently put together an infographic on the various regulations and official guidances videographers across the US need to know, and I thought it would be a natural fit among the other links at the bottom of that piece.

Here’s the link:


Larry adds: Eric, this is a really useful chart. Thanks for sharing. Here’s a video clip that describes this in more detail.

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2 Responses to Drone Regulation Infographic

  1. Evan Shaw says:

    Dear Larry,

    Your training on drones was exemplary. This infographic is nice also. Can you clarify something. One thing I see here that is potentially missing is the requirement that you guys made very clear, that being one MUST have a certified pilot license, and a three man team for commercial drone work. I think that this SHOULD be clearly visible on that infographic. What are your thoughts?

    Again, very very best wishes and support for the changes you are making!


    • Larry says:


      This is an excellent – and correct – comment. I’m passing it back to the folks that made the infographic.



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