Digital Heaven Makes All Final Cut Pro X Plug-ins Available for Free

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The press release crossed my desk this morning:

Digital Heaven today announced their freeware range for Final Cut Pro X has been significantly enhanced with the addition of 10 video plug-ins that were previously on sale for almost $180. These free plug-ins bring some powerful features to Final Cut Pro X including animated counters, split-screen effects, burned-in subtitles, fixing of dead pixels on footage and six dynamic transitions making them a must-have package for any video editor.

As one of the pioneering plug-in developers for Final Cut Pro over the past 16 years, Digital Heaven has a long track record of making some of their plug-ins available for free. Most recently that has included DH_GridX and DH_WideSafeX. Now six transitions plus two generators and two effects have been added to the freeware package.

In addition, some of these plug-ins have been improved for this freeware release:

(Click to see a larger image.)

TRANSITIONS (Previously on sale for $29.99)





I sent a note to Martin Baker, CEO of Digital Heaven, with a few questions.

Larry: This is a big change for Digital Heaven, which got its start creating plug-ins. Why the change?

Martin: The original FCP4-7 products were born out of a need to scratch our own itch when I was still very much editing myself. Many of them were then rewritten for the move to FCPX. As I’ve moved onto other areas of interest these days it felt like the time was right to draw a line under the “plug-in days” of the company and make them all free.

Larry: How would you describe the plug-ins you are now releasing for free?

Martin: Descriptions are all on the freeware page. They are pretty simple to use. There are tutorials on the website for 4 of them. where you can be amazed at how different FCP X used to look with the old UI!

Larry: You are turning your attention from plug-ins to SpeedScriber. Why?

Martin: Because it’s an interesting area and the app has generated more positive feedback from customers than any previous product. There’s some big captioning improvements on the way in the next major version.


Digital Heaven has been creating plug-ins for a long time. If you haven’t visited their website for a while, this is a great time to take another look.


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2 Responses to Digital Heaven Makes All Final Cut Pro X Plug-ins Available for Free

  1. My company specialises in subtitles for African countries. We have specific font and placement requirements, and none of the native FCP X could provide that. The main problems were 1) not being able to use centered titles that automatically move from the bottom upward (meaning line 1 will be at the bottom of the screen, but when line 2 is added, line one automatically moves upwards) And 2) we use dashes to indicate 2 speakers, but we cannot left-align these according to the longest line. Software like EZ Titles do this automatically which is a great time-saver. I was hoping one of your plug-ins would help us with that? In the meantime, we are working with a plug-in that functions as a Windows-style text box, but because of all the different computers lagging, we have to assume this plug-in is the cause.

    • Larry says:


      You might also look into MovieCaptioner. I don’t know that it will do subtitles the way you describe, but it is a small company and they may be interested in adding it as a feature.


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