Creating Burned-In Timecode for Audio Clips

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Cory Berendzen writes:

I can’t find info regarding creating visible audio timecode windows.


For example, I sync my audio wav files with my slates and can output the normal timecode window, but the smart slate timecode is different. So I would like to be able to burn-in that timecode somehow. Is there a way to burn-in that wav file timecode?

Larry replies: Cory, thanks for writing!

First, only Broadcast WAV files support timecode. Normal WAV and AIF files do not.

You can DISPLAY audio timecode in the Viewer or the Canvas using View > Show Timecode Overlays. This displays the timecode of clips in the Timeline.

If the timecode is contained in an auxiliary timecode track, you can display that timecode in the Viewer by Control-clicking the top right timecode box and selecting AUX timecode.

However, if an audio clip doesn’t have a video file associated with it, there is no way to “burn-in” timecode so it displays in your audio clip.


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