Creating Background Colors for Video

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Jennifer Reinish, from Santa Barbara, writes:

I am working on a corporate project, and they have many graphics they have given me. But, they want the background on some of the images to be black (the default) and others they would like on a white background. I tried to switch a few images to a white background, and it changed the entire project to a white background. Is there a way, without taking each image into photoshop to matte it, to put part of the project on a white background? I can’t stretch the images to cover the entire screen, as I’d then lose some lettering/images on certain screens, I think.



Larry replies: Jennifer, Final Cut’s timeline background is always black.

When you change the color in the pop-up menu in the Viewer or the Canvas, you are not changing Final Cut’s background, you are simply changing the display background for the Viewer or the Canvas window itself.

Changing the background for a window makes it easier to see, say, black text, which would be invisible in a black window. Or transparency in an image, when it is set over a checkerboard.

Create color image

If you want to create a different background color than black, go to the Generator menu in the lower-right corner of the Viewer and select Matte > Color or Matte > Color solid. Change the color in the Controls tab to meet your purposes, then edit it to V1 in the Timeline.



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2 Responses to Creating Background Colors for Video

  1. D.E. says:

    Larry Jordan… you are the Giving Tree.

    You always seem to have the answers when I search for any dead end I find myself in in Final Cut (this time was a master templates, canvas question & answered.) Your STP class has helped immensely with every project I work on. You are a wonder! Thank you for your wisdom. Long may you live!

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