Changing The Name of a DVD Created With a Compressor Template

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David Scott was having a problem creating a DVD using a Compressor Template. In all cases, it was burning the text “Untitled” into the video of his DVD. And neither he, nor I, could figure out what the problem was.

Until he solved it. Here’s what he did.

Larry — Remember my question regarding my inability to change the name of a “quick-and-dirty” Compressor template-created DVD menu from the default “untitled”? Though I’m probably the only person this task has ever eluded (and obsessed!), here’s the fix:


  1. Launch Compressor
  2. From the template menu, choose “Create DVD”
  3. Drag appropriate QT file to upper, left-hand window (video and audio sources appear)
  4. Click on blank area just below the source files — this turns the window blue
  5. Doing so produces a region of the Inspector with three tabs — “A/V Attributes,” “Additional Info” and “Job Actions.”
  6. Select “Job Actions”
  7. Rename the disk under “Title”
  8. Viola! The burned DVD menu displays the new name

In fairness to me, one quickly and successfully can burn a perfectly good DVD via this template technique and never run into that particular Inspector menu — and wind up with a menu screen that says “Untitled.” At least, I was doing so.

Thought you’d like to know how to fix it.

Larry replies: Cool, thanks Dave!

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One Response to Changing The Name of a DVD Created With a Compressor Template

  1. Thanks guys – great help. Since using new FCPX suite and no DVD Studio Pro, it’s hard to re-learn these things, esp since it’s not that intuitive.

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