Change Drop Zone Framing in Final Cut Pro

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I’m indebted to Jay Rubin for discovering this tip.

Last week, I wrote a tutorial on how to create a template in Motion for use in Final Cut that displays three images on the screen at once. (You can read it here.)

NOTE: Although I’m using my template, this technique works for any effect or generator that uses drop zones.

The finished template in Final Cut has three empty drop zones.

NOTE: You can continue selecting drop zones and clips until all three windows are filled, but, to illustrate this point, I’ll stop with one.

Here’s what the template looks like so far. The problem is that, while this is the right clip, the framing is off.

NOTE: Don’t use the Transform settings in the Video Inspector. That scales or positions the entire image, not the drop zone.

When you are happy with the adjustment, click outside the drop zone selection area to lock in the changes.

This simple technique makes re-framing clips in a drop zone a whole lot more flexible.


When adding a clip to a drop zone, the In is the frame you click when selecting the drop zone in the Browser.

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2 Responses to Change Drop Zone Framing in Final Cut Pro

  1. Kevin Jones says:

    Awesome! One of my problems and you just fixed it!

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