Capturing Multiple Cameras to One Mac

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Jeremy Andrews writes:

I’ve been asked to set up a video system in a dental operatory to record the dentist performing procedures and a piece of dental equipment. I’ve looked at medical cameras and they are very expensive (approx. $8000) and too involved. One medical camera is operated by remote and feeds into a DV recorder which takes DV tapes. The dentist doesn’t have time to load tapes or adjust the camera. They’re a very busy practice with high patient turn over. Two camera systems will be needed to record patient with doctor and then the equipment. To expect the dentists to do all that is required to record a procedure in just not practical.


So, is there a way of capturing two streams of video through firewire on one mac using either quicktime pro or another simple to use piece of software?

Larry replies: Yes, however, it took the suggestions of several readers to figure this out: Capture Magic.

Jeremy wrote back:

Capture Magic by bigmugsoftware is just that… magic. It’s precisely what I needed. I’ve hooked up my two canon GL2’s to a macbook via a firewire 400 repeater. It’s amazing, no dropped frames or anything, just plug and record. It even works with apples front row remote control so the doctor doesn’t have to fumble with the key pad with rubber gloves on. It works so well that I’ll be setting up the same system in another operatory for his associate.

Larry adds: You can learn more about it here:


UPDATE – 1/28/08

Ben Balser wrote to say:

You say Capture Magic is the only solution. But VeeScope Live, DV Monitor Pro, and HD Monitor Pro will do everything Capture Magic does, and more. For work you’re getting paid for, DV/HD Monitor Pro has a clip organization feature that can’t be beat, and integrates with FCP in a really amazing way.

Larry adds: Thanks, Ben.


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