Audition CC: Multiband Compressor [Video]

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Audition CC: Multiband Compressor (Video)

[This is an excerpt from a recent PowerUP webinar: Repair Bad Audio in Adobe Audition CC, which you can download from our store. You can also access all our webinars by becoming a subscriber.]

This video tutorial illustrates how to use the multiband compressor in Adobe Audition CC to smooth audio levels. (Personally, I now prefer this method to using the Hard Limiter, which was my favorite levels filter for several years.)

The multiband compressor divides the audio spectrum into four bands of frequencies, then amplifies each band differently to provide a fuller, more “open,” sound which is especially attractive for narration and on-camera interviews.

This short video tutorial illustrates how to apply the filter to a track or a clip, how to access a preset compression setting and how to modify the setting for your specific audio to boost soft passages and even out your audio levels for the entire track.

Audition CC: Multiband Compressor (Video)

TRT: 4:10 — QuickTime HD movie

NOTE: This video will not play inside FireFox, please use a different browser.

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3 Responses to Audition CC: Multiband Compressor [Video]

  1. Alex Cameron says:

    Hi Larry, Just wondered if you could clear something up for me please with regard to the above excerpt. You adjust the margin on the limiter to set the absolute ceiling of the signal which I get and I also understand the attack and release settings. What I am a little unsure of however is the threshold setting. This can be anywhere between -60dB and 0dB but not sure what generally it is a good idea to set it to as not sure how it effects my audio. I have had a play with it and all I can ascertain is that when it is lower, for example -10dB, then it begins to lift the signal that is softer in the clip than say when I had it set to 0dB. I would love a slightly clearer explanation of what this does exactly. Many thanks and great video/training as always. Kind Regards, Alex

    • Larry Jordan says:


      My understanding, and I’m willing to be corrected, is that the Threshold sets the minimum level below which it won’t raise the audio level. This prevents pumping background noise when no one is talking in the foreground.


      • Alex Cameron says:

        Hi Larry,

        Thanks for your response. Sounds right although by that token, if set to 0dB then it won’t raise any level below 0dB but this in most cases is most of our audio is it not? So what gets raised in this instance?

        Apologies for my confusion.


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