Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X

Posted on by Larry

This morning, Apple updated Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, and Compressor 4. According to Apple’s website, here are the changes.

Final Cut Pro X — What’s New in Version 10.1.2

Motion — What’s New in Version 5.1.1

Compressor – What’s New in Version 4.1.2

The new features that I am especially struck by are the ability, in FCP X, are its improved media management. Of all the complaints I’m hearing currently about Final Cut, media management and file linking are at the top. This new update seems to address that issue.

The Motion changes essentially keep it in parity with Final Cut Pro X.

While the new changes in Compressor, especially fixing color saturation issues in compressed files and improved stability, address some ongoing concerns.

I have not yet installed the new software. The standard rules apply: don’t upgrade if you are in the middle of a project, unless your current project is not working.

The new ProRes 4444 XQ codec is worth learning more about. Here’s an article I wrote that explains this in more detail.

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10 Responses to Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X

  1. Joachim S says:

    Hi Larry,

    For a couple of years I’ve been working with PP CS6 (I switched from FCP when FC X was launched). However, I have no intention of jumping on the CC ‘subway’ and I guess I will have to switch back to Apple eventually, when CS 6 is no longer supported by new System versions.

    One feature in PP CS6 that is an essential part of my workflow is duplicating a current sequence to try out alternatives.

    However, I seem to remember have heard that duplicating a sequence in this way is impossible or at least difficult in FC X.

    Is this still true? And, in that case, is there any sensible workaround?

    Kind regards,


    • LarryJ says:


      Not true. Projects can be duplicated at any time and a single library can contain an unlimited number of projects. (FCP X uses “projects,” to mean the same thing that “sequences” did in FCP 7.


  2. Joachim S says:

    Many thanks, Larry! Then it makes sense that I did acquire your FCP X tutorial series…

    Kind regards,


  3. Robert Ward says:

    Hi Larry,

    Will Apple ever include a pro audio mixer in FCPX, or is round-tripping to Logic Pro X their permanent solution? For many editors I know, that missing feature was the main reason they switched to Premiere Pro or Media Composer.


    • LarryJ says:

      Apple has not indicated anything about this. A good audio mixer would be an excellent addition to the program, which is why I keep recommending Adobe Audition.


  4. Kate says:

    After this update we are noticing a much slower audio synch time. In addition, you can no longer let it synch in the background. Also, after you synch clips it bumps you out of the keyword fold you were in and back the event level.

    Any work around on this?

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