Apple Updates Final Cut Pro, Motion & Compressor

Posted on by Larry

Last week, Apple released updates for Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor. Both Final Cut and Compressor added new features, while all three applications saw significant bug fixes.

Here’s the full list of what’s new for each application.


NOTE: Here’s a link to Apple’s Release Notes for Final Cut Pro.


NOTE: Here’s a link to Apple’s Release Notes for Motion.


NOTE: Here’s the link to Apple’s Release Notes for Compressor.

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8 Responses to Apple Updates Final Cut Pro, Motion & Compressor

  1. Also fxfactory Hawaiki now works on M1, so other plugins may also be compatible

  2. Tommy Lu says:

    This page has useful links to the documentation for the new Final Cut Pro features.

  3. Gregory F Wendt says:

    Has anyone experienced missing compound clips after upgrading? I have, and would love to know a solution. Thank you.

    • Larry says:


      I had a problem that all my cross-dissolves were no longer supported after the upgrade. To fix this – and, I suspect to fix the problems you report:

      * Quit FCP
      * Press Option while restarting FCP from the dock
      * Delete preferences

      Once I did that, everything came back.


      • Gregory F Wendt says:

        Thanks Larry, but that did not work. Also, holding down Command Option while opening FCP allowed me to delete preferences (not just option).

        • Larry says:


          My fault, I SHOULD have written Cmd + Option. My brain was not connected.

          Time for you to contact Apple Support. Sorry, I don’t have an easy solution for you.


  4. Lucien Rancourt says:

    Hi Larry, I have FCP 10.5.3 running on an iMac with Big Sur. When I finished my project and want to save it in Apple Pro res 422, I get a message ” ..(project name) has background tasks that are not yet completed. If you continue these effects may be missing or have reduced quality: Retiming – Optical Flow”. But all rendering has finished ! I have pressed CONTINUE and the result seems fine. Any ideas or suggestions? And thanks for all the info you is very helpful ! Merci.

    • Larry says:


      Optical flow is only triggered when you are creating extreme slow motion – and it takes a LONG time to render.

      So, as you look at your exported project, look closest at those sections where you added really slow motion. If those look OK to you, then your project should be fine. If not, you’ll need to allow more time for Optical Flow to finish, or remove it from those clips.

      This is a user-controlled setting so removing it won’t “hurt,” but it may make your slowmo look a bit choppy.


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