Adobe Premiere Pro CC: New Keyboard Shortcuts

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logo_Premiere_CC.jpgThe bad news is that Adobe has run out of keys to which to assign keyboard shortcuts for Premiere. The good news is that this hasn’t stopped Adobe from creating new shortcuts.

In the June, 2016, update to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe added a flock of new shortcuts that speed adding, modifying and removing audio and video keyframes in the Timeline; though none of them are assigned to keys, yet.

This means that we get to decide which keys we want to use and where we want to assign all these new shortcuts.


Open Premiere and go to Keyboard Shortcuts. (Mac: Adobe Premiere menu, Windows: Edit menu)


Search for “Keyframe”.

We now have the ability to add or remove audio and video keyframes, nudge keyframe values up or down, nudge keyframe positions left or right, and jump between keyframes; all under keyboard control.


To assign a shortcut to a key, double-click in the Shortcut column to the right of the shortcut you want to assign, then type the keys you want to use. In this example, I’m assigning “Control+K” to “Add or Remove Video Keyframe.”


To save your changes, click OK at the bottom right of the dialog.


I just realized that there are several keyboard shortcuts that I find myself using constantly that haven’t made my “Favorites” list. These are:


Here are two other articles I’ve written covering keyboard shortcuts in Premiere:

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