Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Modify Essential Sound Panel Settings

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With the release of the Essential Sound Panel in Premiere, Richard Ramont sent me a question that had a much more interesting answer than I expected.

Richard asked:

I’m really excited about the inclusion of the Essential Sound panel in Premiere. I just wish I could figure out how to change the target loudness from its default of -23 LUFS under Dialogue > Auto-Match Loudness.

First, I told Richard that if he is mixing for the web, his LUFS setting should be -16, not -23. But, that brought up the much more interesting question of how to change default settings in the Essential Sound Panel?

When you open the Essential Sound Panel in Premiere, none of the settings can be adjusted. So, to learn more, I contacted Durin Gleaves, Product Manager, Audio, for Adobe.

Durin writes:

[Unlike Premiere,] in Audition, the default values for almost all of the parameters [for the Essential Sound Panel (ESP)] can be modified by switching to the Master Template view in the ESP. New defaults or new presets can be created, and the files can be copied and shared with Premiere Pro. (Hopefully, in the future, we can make these values easier to change.)

I wrote a blog post going into some detail about modifying the Essential Sound Panel at


To view the Master Template and its settings in Audition:

At this point you can change the settings of associated filters and effects contained within the Essential Sound Panel.


Durin continues:

Right now, copying the presets from Audition to Premiere is a manual process. Make sure Audition and Premiere Pro are not open, then:

Open the following directory in your Finder/file browser:

Copy the Essential Sound folder, then paste it at:

You can also just copy the modified or newly created presets from the internal directories if you prefer. Inside each Master Template folder, including Default, you’ll see subdirectories for ambience, dialogue, music, and sound FX.

Most users are unaware or have not yet used it, and we’d like to work on the workflow a bit before we publicize it further.


There were three things I learned during this conversation:

I want to thank Durin for writing these notes and allowing me to share it with you. I’ve already updated my Essential Sound panel in both apps.

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4 Responses to Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Modify Essential Sound Panel Settings

  1. Hi Larry, this brings me to another question I have about Audition/Premiere…working on a sequence in premiere, and I have had to try to EQ a bunch of factory noise out of my dialogue in Audition. When I take it back to Premiere, It takes forever to render in . and if my project locks up or even if I close the app, it forgets where the render is and again I have to spend about 35 minutes rendering it! I saw someone post about it on google, but said it was a bug. Do you know anything about this and is there any work around other than exporting the dialogue track and bringing it back into the project as a mixed down track???


  2. Bart says:

    Hi Larry,

    The LUFS for SFX, and music are in default -21 and -25 for music. What should we set it on for the -16 LUFS loudness for dialogue.

    And what to do when we set the loudness of the dialogue ot -16 LUFS and the audio goes into the red of the DB?

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