Add a Camera in Apple Motion 5.5 [v]

[This is an excerpt from a recent on-line video webinar: “Cameras, Sets & Drop Zones in Apple Motion 5.5” which is available as a download in our store, or as part of our Video Training Library.]


In this session, we step deeper into the 3D world of Apple Motion with a look at cameras and sets. In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how to add a camera to a Motion project, then illustrates the difference between a framing camera and viewpoint camera in Motion.


Add a Camera in Apple Motion 5.5

TRT: 4:29 — MPEG-4 HD movie



This is the fourth of four sessions covering Apple Motion 5.5:

  1. Introduction to Apple Motion 5.5
  2. Advanced Techniques of Apple Motion 5.5
  3. Lighting Techniques of Apple Motion 5.5
  4. Cameras, Sets & Drop Zones in Apple Motion 5.5

Last week, in “Lighting Techniques,” we explored the edges of 3D space by using lights for our projects. This week, we step deeper into the 3D world of Apple Motion with a look at cameras and sets. Just as we can capture scenes with cameras in real-life, we can use cameras in Motion to capture motion graphics as well.

NOTE: In fact, everything we see in the Viewer is through a camera, it’s just that Apple hides that fact until we are ready.

Join Larry Jordan as he explores adding depth and movement to our projects using cameras and sets. As part of this process, he also shows how to use drop zones in Motion to create templates for final integration in Final Cut Pro. This session covers:

Cameras provide another way to add movement to our projects, while sets make it easier to add depth. This will be a fascinating session you won’t want to miss.


This is an advanced-level session. Some knowledge of Motion will be helpful. (Lighting Techniques is a good place to start.)

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