Larry Jordan is the GO TO for ALL VIDEO EDITING & more! Beginner, Intermediate or PRO, everyone will benefit tremendously. Mr. Jordan has decades of experience and knows what we want and what we’re thinking behind our work. So he’s not only teaching software, Larry teaches knowledge & experience: WISDOM!!

Oscar Bustamante, Fluid Vision Inc.

Larry Jordan has the most extraordinary ability to teach what appears mind-bogglingly complicated in a well structured, interesting and insightful way. Humor is not far away either. An industry professional for decades, his knowledge and enthusiasm for all that he teaches is infectious.

As a customer of his for over 8 years, Larry is my first and only choice for training. I cannot recommend his work highly enough.

Michael Powles, UK

Larry Jordan’s video training is an absolutely essential tool for working with Final Cut Pro. Clear, concise comprehensive. The videos have been of enormous help to me personally in my work editing films and I have used them as a valuable resource for students at all levels, who have taken my editing classes.

Your training videos have been essential in moving from film and analogue video into the modern world. That is not a small thing.

Mark Simon

For the last two decades, I have relied on Larry Jordan for reliable industry information, the latest thoughts on what works, and often as a “safety check” to make sure I’m on the right path.

Larry doesn’t use clickbait and provides integrity when disseminating information. His personal training style is friendly and informative, with solutions presented in a manner that is easy to digest and difficult to forget.

He is a touchstone for many in our industry and welcomes input from the community. He’s one of us.

Jacob Hodgman, Adelaide, Australia

I was very lucky to stumble onto Larry’s training when I started with FCP 6. His speaking manner and the way he explains things MAKES SENSE! Honestly, I’ve tried other training programs prior to finding Larry, but they were confusing in their explanations at best. I bought his FCP Studio training 6, 7 and now X, and I’m never disappointed.

Larry’s training courses are the only ones I use now. I consider Larry my mentor in editing and probably would have given up had it not been for him.

My husband used to wonder what I was laughing at when I did training, but now he walks in, says ‘Larry?’ and I just nod. I actually get excited to learn more products thanks to Larry!

Karen Irvine, Canada

Larry Jordan is the ultimate video production trainer. When you watch any of his training sessions, you feel that you are learning from a colleague or video friend. His folksy and humorous delivery helps the newbie feel at ease when learning some pretty technical video production techniques.I really like his outline intros that orient the viewer on what is going to happen next.

His books are a godsend. Larry’s book on transitioning from FCP 7 to FCPX was the best gift a teacher could give a student. Larry, keep up the great work!

Bruce Wittman, Executive Producer, Eagle Video

After well over 40 years in the business but I still find your short “how-to’s” a great source of information. Larry, with his calm “you can do it” voice, is a great teacher.

Kevin Sio, East Street Media Services

Larry Jordan is the first name I look for in any video tutorial search. They are always professional and concise but just as important is that his approach is usually the best.

John Doggett-Williams, Video journalist/documentary maker

Like we say in Chile, South America: “Larry es mi copiloto.” (That means that Larry is my partner on the road.)

I am very grateful for the knowledge acquired as I learn how to work in video editing with Larry’s training. I feel confident and ready to take my different projects.

Rodrigo Quiroz, El Fuego Content Studio, Chile

I’ve used Larry Jordan’s training for many years. I’ve always found Larry’s training very easy to use. He uses a lot of text-based slides before he starts on the software and I find that very useful. It enables me to fast forward if I’m familiar with the basics, until I get to the meat. He never patronizes me and I like his gentle, cheesy humor! He doesn’t go too fast either. Altogether, a very interesting and helpful training package that I can recommend wholeheartedly. The prices seem like bargains, even considering the raft of free training on the internet.

Phil Cutting, U.K.

Larry Jordan’s training for both Final Cut Pro X and Motion is by far the most thorough, comprehensive and best organized of all the trainings that I have tried and I have tried many.

The beauty of them is that, once downloaded, the lessons can be referred back to like manual if you come across any difficulties or questions with the applications. In addition, Larry continually updates them and responds to inquiries via email.

Philip Snyder

I am a healthcare professional in practice for almost four decades, and have been studying various aspects of video production with Larry Jordan for the last twelve years. Larry’s courses have opened up another world of communication, via video and the internet, that I continue to find fascinating to this day.

Thanks, Larry, for your humorous, entertaining, clear and to-the-point way of making what could be very complicated, understandable and easy to learn and put into practice. It’s been a great journey together.

Ronald Henry

I’m always so grateful for your accessible tuition. I’m one of the earlier ultra-low budget documentary filmmakers who didn’t go to film school. Instead I was on the forefront of underwater ecology in the 1970s. I first learnt to edit FCP by driving a 600 km round trip for classes every Tuesday for 10 weeks.

Thanks to your precise training I can keep up with the ever-developing abilities of FCP X and have produced a ground breaking doc: “Star Stories of The Dreaming” that reveals ancient knowledge of the universe transmitted by Ghillar, Michael Anderson, a First Nations Euahlayi Lawman in Australia.

Eleanor Gilbert, Enlightning Productions, Australia

As a long time television producer first learning to edit with a razor blade and an editing pen, I value Larry’s training. After all those years cutting, some film but mostly video tape, editing platforms changed with the new millennium. I first learned so called non-linear editing using Sony equipment at KHOU-TV, but with the growth of Adobe and Apple products there was a need to learn what the “kids” were learning.

Larry Jordan helped me keep up to date, especially when Final Cut Pro, became Final Cut X. (For many of us the X didn’t mean 10). Now as there are more and more players on the scene, it’s especially important to keep up with the trends, and that means keeping up with Larry.

Carleton Cole, Digital Media Coordinator, David Weekley Homes

Having invested a couple of hundred dollars in Apple’s Final Cut Pro, I still needed someone to explain it, and give me the lowdown on how to work it. Pretty quickly I found Larry Jordan’s training program. One of the best investments I ever made. Forget the free videos from others on YouTube. They are just…blaaah….

Larry is the professional explainer with a voice to match. Dozens of hours of explanation coupled with onscreen demonstration to give you confidence that you know how to do FCP X. Could not have learned to use FCP X without him.

DeJay, Australia