The Super Bundle!

The Super Bundle!


This “Super Bundle” includes two of our most popular bundles – “Master Motion 5” and “Master Compressor 4.2” – available together for the first time at a very special price.

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Everything you need to know about Apple Motion 5 and Compressor 4.2 – all in one place!

Compressor 4.2 Bundle Specs:

  • 51 movies in QuickTime HD video (1280 x 720)
  • Running time: About six hours
  • Delivered as four zip files, approx. 3 GB in size

Motion 5 Bundle Specs:

  • Seven (7) QuickTime HD movies
  • Running time: Almost seven hours
  • Delivered as seven zip files

NOTE: Contact us via email if you need these on DVD, which we can process as a special order.

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If you’ve already got a good handle on Final Cut Pro X, it’s time to unlock ALL its power, by learning how Motion and Compressor work.

In this Super Bundle, we’ve combined two of our most popular bundles – “Master Motion 5” and “Master Apple Compressor 4.2” – together for the first time and at a VERY special price.

Hosted by master trainer, Larry Jordan, every movie comes with his trademark conversational approach, in-depth information and sense of humor. Learning something new has never been more fun.


Video compression is an essential skill in today’s online world. If we don’t know how to compress our media to make our images look good, all the work during production and editing will be wasted. To make matters worse, compressing video seems like rocket science. Whether you are creating simple videos for YouTube, or need to compress dozens of files a day, this training explains everything you need to know.


  • Learn Apple Compressor 4.1 – Master Collection
  • PowerUP Webinar 156 – New Features in Compressor 4.2
  • PowerUP Webinar 153a – Better Video Compression for the web
  • PowerUP Webinar 162 – Faster Video Compression

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You know that you can get more out of Final Cut by using Motion. But learning Motion is hard. That’s where this training will help. This bundle of seven in-depth webinars starts at the very beginning and, by the time you’re done watching, you’ve become a “Motion Master.”


  • PowerUP Webinar 160 – Get Started with Motion 5.2
  • PowerUP Webinar 158 – New Features in Motion 5.2
  • PowerUP Webinar 136 – Create and animate masks
  • PowerUP Webinar 106 – Effects Cookbook for Motion 5
  • PowerUP Webinar 118 – Integrate Motion 5 with FCP X
  • PowerUP Webinar 166 – 3D Space in Motion 5
  • PowerUP Webinar 167 – Deeper into 3D Space in Motion 5

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