Audio Secrets for Final Cut Pro X

Audio Secrets for Final Cut Pro X


The best way to improve a video is to improve its sound. In this three-class series, Larry Jordan starts at the beginning and explains exactly what you need to know to make your audio sound great.

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  • Contents: 3 QuickTime HD movies
  • Download size: Approx. 2.5 GB
  • Total Running Time: 2 hours 11 minutes


“Help!,” read Tricia’s email. “Audio is a world of unmentionable demons and nowhere to learn it. Could you do a webinar on post-production audio workflow?”

We did better than that, we created three webinars and bundled them together to create our new Audio Secrets for Final Cut Pro X training.

In these three sessions, host Larry Jordan explains key audio terms, then shows how to apply them in Final Cut. The second class builds on this foundation and moves into advanced audio techniques, including audio filters and using Roles.

Then, when real audio power is required to either repair poor audio or create more complex mixes, the third session shows how to move Final Cut projects into Adobe Audition, repair audio, create a mix, and bring it back into Final Cut Pro X for final output.

To see more information about each of the webinars included, click the links below:


This intermediate-level course is designed for Final Cut editors who want to learn more about audio. This training is delivered as three QuickTime movies.




Class 1 – Audio Basics (TRT: 38:00)

  • Key audio definitions
  • Setting levels and pan
  • Adding keyframes
  • Working with multichannel audio
  • Using Roles
  • Exporting master files and stems

Class 2 – Advanced Audio (TRT: 28:29)

  • Apply and modify audio filters
  • Learn how to use key audio filters
  • Learn how to use compound clips for audio
  • Repair problem audio
  • Send files to and from Adobe Audition

Class 3 – Edit, Repair and Mix Audio in Adobe Audition (TRT: 65:00)

  • Overview to the Audition interface
  • Edit and organize Timeline clips
  • Add fades and changing fade shapes
  • Synchronize ADR with on-set dialog
  • Repair problem audio – hum, clicks, distortion and more
  • Use the Track Mixer
  • Create submixes for filters and stems
  • Test the final mix for frequency and amplitude issues