147: Audio in Final Cut Pro X

147: Audio in Final Cut Pro X


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Each week, Larry Jordan presents a live, on-line, video training webinar discussing issues related to video editing and post-production. For a list of upcoming webinars, click here.

Duration: 52:01
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It’s been said that the best way to improve the quality of your images is to improve the quality of the audio. That has never been more true than right now. But, exactly HOW do you improve the quality of your sound? And what’s the best way to work with audio in Final Cut Pro X in the first place? Answering these questions are what this session is all about.

Join host, Larry Jordan, in his brand-new training studio as he starts with the basics of working with audio in Final Cut Pro X, then moves into more advanced subjects such as keyframes, Roles, multi-channel audio and double-system sound. Watch and listen as Larry explains what you need to know, how to adjust it and how to make it sound better.


This intermediate-level webinar is suitable for all Final Cut Pro X editors who want to better understand how to work with audio in Final Cut or are looking for additional techniques to make their projects sound better. (This video training plays as a QuickTime movie. You don’t need to own any other software to watch this movie.)


To help you quickly find the information you need, we included chapter markers in the QuickTime movie for easy navigation. Click here to learn how to display them in your download.


  • Audio Definitions and Key Terms
  • Suggested levels for audio mixes
  • DEMO: Display and read audio meters
  • DEMO: Change levels in a single clip
  • DEMO: Change levels in multiple clips at once
  • DEMO: Adjust pan
  • DEMO: Create audio level keyframes
  • DEMO: Display reference audio waveforms
  • DEMO: Create split edits in the Timeline
  • DEMO: Add automatic audio transitions
  • DEMO: Add fades to audio clips
  • DEMO: Change audio fade shapes
  • DEMO: Overlap audio for extended transitions
  • DEMO: Why and how to create absolute audio level changes
  • DEMO: Why and how to create relative audio level changes
  • DEMO: Use Roles to display clips
  • DEMO: Create new Roles
  • DEMO: Display, modify and trim multi-channel audio clips
  • DEMO: Sync double-system clips automatically
  • DEMO: Sync double-system clips manually