LJA Forum Rules and FAQs

LJA Forum Rules & FAQs

The LJA Forum is a place where members can interact both directly with Larry and amongst themselves. As we strive to foster a supportive community, please keep the following rules in mind as you become an active participant of our forum.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the forum or its following rules.


  1. Use respectful language.
  2. Post worthwhile questions or comments.
  3. No spam messages allowed.

WARNING: Violations from any of these rules will result in a warning. Continued infractions may result in permanent removal from the forum.


Wait – what is a forum again?

The LJA Forum is a safe space for everyone – plus Larry! – in the community to share and discuss their ideas and suggestions. This forum will be as helpful as you make it; start a discussion now!

I see the forum, but why can’t I post anything?

To avoid unnecessary spam and anonymous posting, we set the forum for public viewing but registered user posting. This means anyone on the web can read through the forum, but only our users can actually post new topics.

If you’d like to post on the LJA Forum, please read the next part of the FAQ section.

How do I register for the forum?

Posting on the LJA Forum is only offered to registered users.

IMPORTANT: Your username will be displayed along with anything you post on the Forum. If you would like to keep your identity private, please DO NOT include your real name – or anything close to it – in your username.

  • New Users
    CLICK HERE to register to the forum. Input a desired username and your primary email address. After you submit, your LJA Forum Login information will be sent to the email address provided. Read the important note above.
  • Current LarryJordan.com Members
    If you already have an account on LarryJordan.com / are a member of Larry’s video training library, you can use the same account username and password to access the forum. HOWEVER…NOTE: As stated above, your username will be disclosed on all your posts in the forum. If your current LJA username includes your real name, and you would like to hide your identity, register for a new LJA Forum user account. Read the instructions for New Users above.

Please allow up to 1-2 business days for us to create your account. We will email you Login information as soon as possible.

I have a question, but it doesn’t fit into any of the listed categories. What should I do?

Most questions can be posted under our General Conversations forum, but if your question doesn’t seem to relate to any of the sub-forums, send us an email!

What does it mean to “Favorite” or “Subscribe” to a forum?

When you are subscribed to a forum or topic, you will be emailed of any new topics or topic replies.

Favorites are like bookmarks and can be viewed/shared with other users on the site.

How to Subscribe to a Forum
Click the red “Subscribe” button at the top of each forum. Once you hit Subscribe, the button will turn from red to light grey, which you can click again if and when you wish to unsubscribe from the forum.

How to Favorite or Subscribe to a Topic
Click on the topic title, and the first post will have red links “Favorite | Subscribe” on the top, right-hand corner. Click either/both, and they will turn green. Click again to unfavorite / unsubscribe.

Please send us feedback on any problems you run into while on the forum! It’s still a new project for us. Enjoy your time, and we hope you find it as helpful as we’ve designed it to be.