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Final Cut tutorials can be a simple, effective way to learn more about the software and become a better editor. But since not all tutorials offer the same quality of instruction, you’ll want to make sure you do a little research when choosing your training.

Ultimately, you want your training to be useful, relevant to your specific needs and provided by an expert who is extremely well versed in all aspects of Final Cut. If the tutorial lacks any of these components, then you’ll end up wasting your time and money, as well as potentially making big mistakes in your film projects that can cost you even more.

Regardless of your current skill level, good Final Cut tutorials can significantly enhance your abilities. It’s just a matter of finding the right training for you. Here are some aspects to consider as you compare your options.

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Comparing Final Cut Tutorials


Convenience: online vs. on-site

If you’re like most editors and filmmakers, then you’re already short on time. You’re looking for Final Cut tutorials that provide an easy-to-digest overview of the application – or perhaps even just a few of its features – and you don’t want to have to drive somewhere or shell out thousands of dollars to obtain that training.

If that sounds like you, then be sure to narrow your search to online tutorials, which you can fit into your busy schedule and follow along with at your own pace.

Expertise of the instructor

We can’t stress this enough: the expertise of your instructor is perhaps the single biggest factor affecting the quality of your Final Cut training. It’s crucial that the tutorial is provided by an industry veteran who is known for his education on Final Cut and for his teaching ability.

Always check who’s behind the tutorial to ensure you’ll be learning from an expert – not a no-name website that is only looking to make money from the numerous ads on its pages.

Range of instruction

Does the tutorial address your specific need? Is it too broad, too narrow, or perhaps not even relevant to the questions you have? Does it focus on a specific feature in Final Cut Pro, or does it provide a comprehensive overview of the program?

The important thing to remember here is to make sure the tutorial meets your needs. Great Final Cut trainers, like Larry Jordan, offer a wide variety of tutorials covering countless different areas of the software, in addition to overviews for beginners. Having numerous tutorials to choose from is typically a good sign of the instructor’s wide-ranging expertise.

New, ongoing training and updates

Make sure you’re not using old tutorials that apply to outdated versions of Final Cut. Stick to training websites that update their resources on a regular basis and continue to add new training for the most up-to-date version of Apple’s software.

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Larry Jordan Is Your Source For Best Final Cut Tutorials Online

Larry Jordan is an internationally renowned consultant and Apple-Certified Trainer who offers an extensive array of Final Cut Pro tutorials (Related News) for editors of all skill levels.

Browse Larry’s current selection of online video tutorials to find the specific training you need. Or, become a member to get access to all of Larry’s training, plus new content as its added.