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DVD You Need

A Final Cut Pro training DVD can be a great resource for learning how to master Final Cut, especially if you’re a beginner or an editor who hasn’t been taking advantage of everything the software has to offer.

But since not all training videos are as helpful as others, it’s critical that you check out your options carefully before buying. There is no shortage of poorly made Final Cut training DVDs being sold online. Many of these programs are put together by amateurs who have limited knowledge of Final Cut. Such “training” often covers the most basic functions of the software (if that) and is essentially a waste of your time and money.

If you’re serious about getting to know Final Cut, harnessing its power and significantly enhancing your editing skills, then you’ll need a much more comprehensive Final Cut Pro training DVD, produced by a professional instructor like Larry Jordan.

Larry’s Final Cut Pro X 10.1 Complete Training (available as a DVD or digital download) covers everything you need to master the application and increase your productivity. Let’s take a look what’s on the DVD and why it’s so popular with editors and filmmakers around the world.

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Larry Jordan’s Complete Final Cut Pro Training DVD

This Final Cut Pro training DVD covers more than 22 hours of instruction from Larry Jordan – an internationally renowned consultant Apple-Certified trainer with more than 35 years of professional experience as a producer, director and editor.

The dual-layer DVD contains more than 200 HD-quality QuickTime videos, broken up by category into easy-to-follow tutorials. The training is up to date for the most recent version of Final Cut: v. 10.1 (Larry and the team totally revamped their training following the latest Final Cut update … All new movies, more focused and more complete than any of the previous versions.)

The DVD contains both of Larry Jordan’s brand-new Final Cut Pro X v.10.1 training titles:

Workflow and Editing
Each of these sections contains up to a dozen chapters, covering numerous aspects of Final Cut, time-saving tips, effective editing techniques and more.


If you’re new to Final Cut, rest assured – Larry goes over everything, step by step, and he’s known for his easy-going, entertaining teaching style, so you’ll never have to worry about getting bored or lost. Larry makes it easy!

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Larry Jordan’s Final Cut Pro X 10.1 video training series (Related News) is available as a DVD or 6.6 GB download (2 zip files). Be sure to also consider becoming a member, which gives you full, unrestricted access to ALL of Larry Jordan’s Final Cut training, webinars and new tutorials as they’re added!