Final Cut Pro Classes

Final Cut Pro classes with Larry Jordan are the best way to learn Apple’s preeminent editing software.

There are online Final Cut Pro classes, and then there are Larry Jordan’s Final Cut Pro classes and training.

Larry presents all you need to know about Final Cut Pro, with editing secrets, tips, and techniques you won’t find from anyone else.


You won’t get lost in Larry Jordan’s Final Cut Pro classes! When Larry demonstrates an action in Final Cut he tells you WHY you need to do this, not just how to do it. He shows you what to click, where to click, and why to click. (Unless it’s a keyboard shortcut, in which case, he’ll do everything except move your fingers on the keyboard.)

“Larry is the king of the fun and easy to follow tutorials. It’s a rare talent that few people have.”
Brad, Facebook

I’m in the final stages of finishing a feature length documentary that needs to be shipped to SXSW for their festival submission. Of course, all day, I’ve been getting out of memory messages.
This always happens when you’re in a crunch, right? I looked to you for a fix, and found it.
Thank you!! It’s working wonderfully now.”
mccoyeditor, YouTube Channel

Militia7, YouTube

Larry is listed as a resource by Apple for Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor.

From beginners to professionals, Larry’s Final Cut Pro classes are used by editors in over 150 countries. In fact, he recently spoke at the Broadcast Video Expo in London, England, talking about Final Cut Pro X.

“Love the way you explain your knowledge, plain and easy to understand.”
Manny, Facebook

Photo from Larry Jordan Final Cut Pro ClassesLarry’s book on Final Cut Pro X – Final Cut Pro X: Making the Transition, published recently by Peachpit Press gives every reader a path to getting the most out of Final Cut Pro. You might call it a “Final Cut Pro Class-in-a-Book.”

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Do you want to know:

Larry Jordan has the answers you need about Final Cut Pro .

Larry’s website has an extensive library – over 1,000 in-depth, step-by-step articles — about editing:

“What was real funny in your videos was the way you got so very excited about the features
as if it was the best thing in the world, LOL.”
metricmine YouTube

“Wow Larry! I’m from Spain and sometimes I find hard to understand English tutorials,
but your voice is really good. I can understand every word.
And thx by the way for solving me this issue too, which was driving me crazy!”
Tauro010, YouTube

“Four damn years of cursing at the ‘missing’ playhead when I zoom in or out.
You just fixed it with the ‘hidden shortcut’ tutorial. Larry, you remain, The Very Best.”
Nik, email

Why are Larry’s Final Cut Pro classes the best?

➜ Larry has a sense of humor. Learning technology should not bore you to death. Larry lets you have fun while you’re learning.

➜ Larry shows you several ways to perform a task.
➜ Larry brings his perspective on the art of filmmaking to all his Final Cut Pro training. As a member of both the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America, Larry is an accomplished filmmaker and editor who can bring those talents to his teaching.

Larry paces his classes so you can absorb the material.

Larry explains technology simply and clearly, his goal is to help you learn, not simply show off how smart he is.

In Larry’s step-by-step tutorials, learn:

How to trouble shoot your Final Cut Pro system
★ A cool Technique for Saving Your Favorites Folder
How to scale video in Final Cut (an FAQ)
How to improve performance in Final Cut Pro X
How to create a green screen key in Final Cut Pro X
How to solve audio sync drift
How to do a variable speed effect
5 Tips to Faster Exports
and much more!

Clips Being Demonstrated In Final Cut Pro Training“Larry Jordan is a unique individual. Not only does he possess an incredible depth of knowledge in video production, editing and software, he is also a skilled and caring teacher who knows how to communicate complex concepts in a structured yet humorous manner that makes it easy for his students to learn.”
Frank Felker, LinkedIn
“Because of your fine webinar focusing on compression, my clips are now fine, smooth. Thanks to the finest guru in America!”
Schutz111, YouTube

Want to learn Final Cut Pro from Larry Jordan?

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The best way to learn Final Cut Pro is in Final Cut Pro classes from Larry Jordan.

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