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Larry Jordan’s website is called “Edit Smarter” for a reason.

Larry gives you, the editor, editing techniques to help you edit efficiently, edit faster and edit, well, smarter!

If you’re looking to improve your skills – editing, effects, audio, export, compression; the list is endless – whether it’s Apple or not, you’ve come to the most recommended trainer online.

Final Cut Pro training? We got it.
Adobe video editing? We got it.
Autodesk Smoke training? We got that, too.
Audio training? Yup.
Editing? Uh-huh.
Effects, export, compression, media management…?Totally handled.

Larry can help you improve the quality of your work. You’ll dazzle clients! You’ll improve workflows! You’ll leap tall buildings in a single bound! (Well, maybe not this last point, but you get the idea.)

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Tens of thousands of editors around the world trust their careers to Larry’s training. Shouldn’t you?

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Editing Techniques you never knew you needed to know.

Discover editing techniques used by professional editors to speed workflow, avoid common mistakes, produce effective videos, boost your income and increase your own personal enjoyment of the editing process, online from the world’s most trusted trainer – Larry Jordan.

Larry’s tips are not found in other Final Cut Pro classes, Final Cut Pro X tutorials or Adobe training. Sometimes, you just need to go to the source.

Why are the editing techniques Larry teaches better than other trainers?

First, Larry is a consummate teacher. He paces his materials so you actually learn, not simply be impressed with his presentation technique. He shows you multiple ways to do things, so you can find the method that works the best for you.

Second, Larry brings a complete understanding of pre-production, production and post-production to the art of editing video or film, because he’s been there. He has produced, directed, or edited thousands of hours of broadcast television, corporate events, and training. He knows what it’s like and he explains it to you so you can do the same thing.

You can see Larry at work as he teaches the Creative Process of Storytelling as one of the 2 Reel Guys

Larry Jordan: A Hands-on “Storyteller”

Trend Watch: Unleash Your Inner Video Producer

You can go anywhere to be dazzled by technical brilliance. You come to Larry to learn how to do the dazzling yourself.

“Terrific tutorial; very thorough and easy to follow. Thank you!” AudioGirlProductions – YouTube

Since good editing techniques can only be improved by good production techniques, Larry will show you:

eMediaChat 3: Larry Jordan on Creating Good Video

eLearnChat 70: Larry Jordan on Storytelling & Training


Larry has training created to get you caught up fast.

Using Chroma Keys in Final Cut Pro

Creating Motion Graphics That Don’t Suck!

You can read a dozen articles about keyboard shortcuts.

Larry Jordan’s Getting Organized for Editing


“I always find the answer I am looking for from you, Larry. When I started editing I used your site to find the latest info and how-to’s. I have now done a few feature film that has gotten a theatrical release. Thanks again!” – EnjoyableApps, YouTube

Big Horn Sheep Clips Being Edited With Final Cut Pro Training

ART of Editing

What are the problems to getting your story across? Learn these key tips on how to tell what is important to advance your story.

Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I do this editing technique and what is it called?” Larry can help you identify specific techniques used in films and help you replicate that effect.

Ever asked yourself these questions?

These are the kind of questions Larry answers every day. He knows the right software to help you achieve exactly the right effect you’re looking for.

“I should have started getting Larry’s webinars years ago.”
– Chris Harris, Big Pond

What are some good editing techniques?

Good editing techniques are what help you to edit better and faster – whether you are new to editing or an employed expert – Larry Jordan can take you to a higher level.

Over 1,000,000 editors trust internationally recognized Apple-certified trainer, Larry Jordan, for the best and latest information on how to edit in several editing platforms such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe editing software.

His membership subscription service – – reaches editors on six continents; we have it on good authority that even penguins are tuning in!

Want to know how to avoid dropped frames?

Need new editing techniques but watching videos is boring?

Larry’s training is always entertaining, involving and gives you the information you can use now. Increase your productivity — learn how to edit right and making routine moves more efficient.

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“Great presentation and sense of humor makes the learning more fun. I started editing 30 years ago on a Sony RM440 (anyone remember 3/4″ tape??) and relearning editing on FCP and other digital formats has been a trip. Thanks for the insight, Larry. ” YouTube Chanel comment.

Are you tired of not achieving your full editing potential?

Larry will help you figure out where your weaknesses are and find new strengths.

Speed your workflowsaving you time.
Expand your knowledgemaking you more productive.
Enhance your editing skillshelping you make more money.

“Every time I see a Larry Jordan video or attend one of his webinars, I learn something valuable and immediately useful.”  David Mills

Frustrated by the editing training you’ve seen in the past?

Larry removes the frustration of online learning by providing step-by-step instructions explaining not just HOW you should do something, but WHY you should do it.

Larry is known for his entertaining style, rich voice and comfortable manner – all of which make online learning more accessible.

Want to:

Dazzle clients?
Learn how your tasks fit into the filmmaking process?
Get your editing techniques questions answered?

Trying to solve a specific problem?

Larry Jordan provides solutions. In fact, you can find answers at:

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Larry’s Editing Library –  – provides a comprehensive and easily searchable index of training on every topic that might confront you when using Final Cut Pro 7 or Final Cut Pro X.

Larry’s YouTube Channel –  – features over 300 videos – from launching Final Cut for the first time to creating complicated effects.


Want to earn a living as an editor?

Larry Jordan knows what it means to be a working editor.

He has first-hand experience as a filmmaker. He is a member of both the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America. He’s got the tips and techniques to get you where you want to go.

His seventh book on editing, Final Cut Pro X: Making the Transition, was published by Peachpit Press and is available on Amazon.

His eighth book on editing, Adobe Premiere Pro: Secrets, Tips, and Techniques, is published by Focal Press and is available on Amazon.

Larry has hundreds of hours of online and DVD training, and thousands of articles which can help to make you a better editor.

Separate yourself from the pack with Larry’s editing techniques and training.

Larry offers the best tips and editing techniques online. He shares his knowledge with you in such a way that makes it easy to learn. And he knows what he is talking about.

As an added bonus, sign up for his newsletter and get his Growing Your Business Series. He knows what editors need to succeed and generously shares that knowledge with you.

Editing Truths for Better Living is packed with witty observations about editing, editing techniques and the business of filmmaking.

Want to learn editing techniques from Larry Jordan?
Save time, save money, expand your brain.

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