4 Common Mistakes When Choosing Final Cut Pro Training

Final Cut Pro training can be a great way to learn the program as a beginner, or take your current skills to the next level. But regardless of your existing experience with the software, choosing the wrong training can cost you.

If your training isn’t a good fit for your needs, it will be a waste of your time, money and energy. Even worse: if you choose a low-quality tutorial or class taught by an inexperienced instructor, then you could receive poor advice that actually sets you back. Just as an example, if you’re taught an inefficient workflow process for editing with Final Cut Pro, then this will surely hurt your productivity.

As an editor, your goal is to enhance your skills, knowledge, speed and the quality of your work. To do this, you need the proper training.


Here are 4 common mistakes people make when searching for FCP training options.



1) Looking strictly for local classes.

In-person instruction can be useful for some editors – especially those who aren’t intimidated by more advanced classmates (or bothered by novice classmates who slow the class down). But it can be difficult to find high-quality Final Cut Pro training in most areas. Even then, you have other options.

Online tutorials at LarryJordan.com, for example, give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, around your schedule, from one of the best instructor in the world, and typically for a fraction of the cost of in-person classes.

2) Choosing based on price alone

The highest-priced training does not signify the best. And just because some online training is “free” doesn’t mean it will be a valuable use of your time. You need to look beyond cost to determine the actual scope and quality of the training, and how that fits your needs, goals and budget.

A good 4-year film school will likely set you back more than $100,000. You’re surely get a quality education, but is a 4-year education what you need right now if you just want to learn how to use Final Cut?

3) Selecting the wrong training

Example: a beginner who takes an advanced tutorial; or a pro who takes an extensive class designed primarily for beginners. These mistakes happen more often than you think, especially as online training programs become more popular.

Far too often, people choose their training before looking closely at what’s covered and who the training is designed for. Take a minute to make sure that you’ll learn exactly what you need to advance your skills to the next level.

4) Failing to research the instructor

When it comes to training for Final Cut Pro X and other video editing platforms, it’s crucial that the instructor knows his stuff. Avoid generic online training, and always research the instructor’s credentials to ensure he’s an expert. Choosing a professional instructor ensures you’ll receive the best training possible from someone who’s engaging and easy to follow.




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