5 Tips To Help You Master Film Editing



Mastering the technique of film editing isn’t as difficult as you might think, but there are several fundamental steps you’ll need to take before you can consider yourself a pro.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re an experienced editor who wants to take his skills to the next level, there are several things you can do to vastly improve your ability. Below, we’ll look at just 5 simple steps that can have a tremendous impact on the quality of your work and your overall productivity.

As you dig in, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a single technique of film editing. Becoming a successful editor means being able to implement – and experiment with – many different techniques to achieve the unique vision for each individual project.

Here’s how to make it happen.


How To Learn & Perfect Film Editing Techniques


Get the proper training

Many amateur filmmakers and editors are self-taught. They start with a camera and some basic video editing software, and they learn as they go. While this is a great way to dive into it, you may never truly master the many different techniques of film editing without the proper training.

  1. Watch some online video tutorials to quickly learn the ins and outs of leading video editing software, like Final Cut Pro.
  2. Look for experienced instructors who offer focused training on editing techniques and the software you’re using.
  3. The more training, the better. Film industry veterans understand the importance of ongoing training to stay on top of the field, new technologies and editing techniques.


Know the software inside and out

Regardless of whether you’re using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or another program to edit your work, it’s crucial that you master the software. Today’s best video editing applications are extremely powerful and make it easier than ever to produce unique, high-quality productions in a fraction of the time. If you’re not taking full advantage of this software, then you’re seriously limiting yourself.


Getting good training is a must – but if you’re not constantly applying it, then it won’t make a difference. To become a successful editor, you need to keep at it, push yourself and constantly be editing.

Experiment with new styles

Don’t limit yourself to a single editing style. Try many different projects and experiment with new ways to cut the same “story” over and over. Whether you’re producing a promotional commercial or a feature-length drama, keep thinking outside the box to make your editing more effective and unique.

Watch the work of others

A great way to discover different editing styles is to watch other films, TV shows and productions of all types. Pay close attention to how those works are edited and try to emulate different styles when you’re experimenting with your editing software.

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