Requiem for a Friend

Posted on by Larry

My email has been filled with such a sense of loss in recent days; a deeply loved member of the family died unexpectedly before their time.

“Such a loss.” “What a waste.” “So unnecessary.” “They will be missed.”

The words are well meant, but don’t assuage the hurt.

They are gone, and they’re never coming back.

– – –

It tears my heart to read emails from people who built their lives around something – only suddenly to discover it’s gone. What do you do when the center of your life is missing?

What can I possible say that will comfort them? Mere words seem so… inadequate.

– – –

The silence, after the fact, is deafening. No reassurance, no apology, no remorse. “Building for the future!” “Good times are still to come!” “Not really that important.” Phrases that ring insincere and hollow at this moment of pain. At the depth of what’s missing. At the depth of what’s been done.

How can you love again when your heart is missing?

– – –

Clearly, this is not a time to give up. To sink into the black oblivion of self-destructive what-ifs. There is still hope for the future – though at the moment it may be hard to see.

In two years, I’m sure, we’ll be past this. In two years, I’m sure, we’ll look back on this as a bad memory. In two years, I’m sure, we’ll say that things are better. But they won’t be the same.

Because we still need to live through the next two years.

– – –

When someone we love dies, we move on. We make new friends. And we discover those who have been with us a long time to whom we have not properly paid attention. We continue our lives, and attempt to rebuild.

But that does not deny the sadness, the anger, and the loss. Or the memories of what was.

And it was so unnecessary.


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  1. This may sound utterly crazy, but with the dearth of information about any development of the Mac Pro, the agonizing death of Pro Apps makes sense for the first time.

    Proposition: Apple doesn’t want to be in the computer arms race anymore. The kids don’t need it. So Apple can’t afford to have any apps that tax a sluggish CPU. Perhaps we’ll all be looking at big screens that play “Death Match Bimbos 2012” ala Minority Report in the very near future.

    A world in which neither Premiere Pro nor Media Composer will run an an Apple computer may be just around the corner. And until a week ago, I would have been shocked to even hear that thought expressed. Now it makes enough sense to make a grown man cry.

    Larry, you’ve expressed it well above, but why did you not warn us? I bought your full boat training thinking that the problem was me. It wasn’t me. I can’t do anything I used to be able to do. Selectively placed “Effect handles” be damned. But I know you tried your best to put on a happy face, hoping against hope that this would somehow turn around. It’s too bad your hope was not justified.

    Apple reinvents computing “for the rest of us”. I guess we aren’t us anymore.

  2. Dave Heinzel says:

    Anyone who is grieving and needs an extra twist of the knife in your back can watch the last bit of this video. Skip to 9:48. It nicely sums up why we use Apple computers and why this hurts so much.

    When FCPX demoed at NAB, going back to FCP6 (what I use now) felt so antiquated and cumbersome. Now when I’m in FCP6, I appreciate it so much more. I don’t even need an update. I would be happy to keep it looking the way it does, doing what it does, thinking that it’s not a dead end. I will keep using it until I can’t anymore. Who knew it was possible to become so attached to a tool.

  3. Paul Escamilla says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. A week ago, I figured I’d be editing with FCP and on Macs for ANOTHER ten years. Today, I can assure you, I’m planning a switch to either Avid or Premiere Pro, and contemplating the move to a PC workstations.

    I hate Apple now for what they have done. I loathe them. And if this is the way they are going to treat their most loyal customers and fans, then I hope they go down the tubes. They look like they’re already starting on that.

  4. Spence says:

    I edit for a living, and I was raised on FCP but learned Avid as well. I can also cut on Premiere. I was disappointed and a little nervous for a few days Larry after this release I must admit, but you know… I’m fine with it. We can adapt to whatever happens whether it’s FCP or the alternative. Shoot, I’ll cut on a Moviola if I have to, and love it. Unfortunately it’s sort of out of our hands as to which tools are most available, but the tools will always be there for us to create and tell stories.

  5. Jonathan B says:

    I find Larry’s poem post odd.

    If its supposed to be sarcastic and facetious – then thats just downright out of order. I dont understand why people keep trying to guilt people who are justifiably angry at FCX in to shutting up by using analogies like ‘We’re acting like someone died’ or ‘We’re acting like the worlds ending’, or ‘We’re acting like we broke up with a girlfriend’ etc etc.
    I am a normal, well adjusted individual who is p1ssed off. I KNOW nobody died. I KNOW the world is ticking along fine. And I believe me I dont think a load of binary digits sitting on a computer equates to a girlfriend – it may do for some, but not for me. I have an amazing real life gf who would be a bit miffed if I compared a software release with breaking up with her.
    As a loyal customer who has procured probably hundreds of thousands of dollars of Apple products over the years for various businesses I’m allowed to express my feelings at their conduct.

    AND If on the other hand the post is serious and Larry is comparing the situation to a loved one DYING. Then that is just bad taste. Just use AVID MC for heavens sake.

    The FACT is Apple marketed and sold Pro app for many years and built up a loyal customer base.
    Then they release a piece of software that is supposed to be the successor to this App but has many core features of the original missing. If you’re a user/business trying to plan for the future I think we’re entitled to be a little annoyed at the way Apple has handled the situation – Lack of comms, Lack of Road Map, Lack of Respect.

    The argument isn’t whether the App is fit for purpose or not. Whether its good or bad. Or even “dead” or “alive”. For some it works. For others its not worth a dime.

    The argument is about HOW Apple have gone about things. And Why they didnt produce a piece of software that had ALL the functionality of PREVIOUS versions with ALL the new ideas, concepts and imagination of FCX.

    And at the end of the day Apple are a multi billion dollar business. They may say they listen. They may say they care. But at the end of the day – they will do whats best for them. AND YOU CANT BLAME THEM, but you are entitled to be really, really annoyed. And to try and let them know.

    If anyones interested (and I realise your prob not) I explain my feelings more clearly here –



  6. Techwizard says:

    larry, I bought your training thinking I must be missing something in FCP X. I wasn’t. FCP X is just not what I need. On the other hand, I am editing my first project in Premiere CS 5.5. To me , it’s really shaped up to be what FCP 8 should have. It’s tight integration with After Effects, Photoshop is amazing. I can even still use Color nicely as it will be useful even without updates for some time to come.

    I appreciate all you are doing to further our voice with the death-star company we used to trust.

  7. Shari Dyer says:

    I’m finished with trusting Apple. I agree – it’s not what they did, it’s how they did it.

    I took a deep breath, and bought Adobe Poduction CS5.5. I’m learning Premiere, and am impressed by it. I always did want to learn After Effects, so I’m learning that too. But I’m also working on Larry’s tutorial for FCPX, as I don’t want to underestimate the potential future of the app.

    Apple – Shame on you for your actions. But now I know. I won’t depend on or trust you so much ever again.

  8. Jason says:


    After listening to your show last night and reading this blog entry, it is clear you feel the same as most of the commenters on your recent blogs. That somehow Apple has wronged all of the professionals in TV/Film. I clearly see a conflict here. If you do not feel happy with the product and the company behind it, then you cannot provide honest training for the product. I can see that the passion you had for FC Studio 3 is not there with FCP X and its companion apps. It may be time to start a training series for Adobe video products. I hope you regain that passion again someday.

  9. Caesar Darias says:

    Here’s something strange: I went to the Apple store today for a Final Cut Pro workshop. However, they were not using FCP X. They were not using FCP 7. They were using Final Cut Express. Ugh!

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