Growing Our Business in 2009

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I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know when I say that earning a living will be a challenge in 2009. In times like these, folks are saying “No!” first, then thinking about your question later.

So, today, while we have some time off, I wanted to share some ideas on how we can improve our business in this new year.

The first comes from an interview I did for tonight’s Digital Production BuZZ podcast, with Brent Altomare, founder of “Groovy Like A Movie”, a production company in San Diego. Unlike many of us, Brent started his company because he likes running a business, then discovered that production was what he liked doing. (In contrast, I discovered that I liked teaching and training, then started a business to allow me to do that.)

We spent time in the interview talking about the business of running a production company in this economy. We talked about what’s he’s done to grow his business and how he plans to respond to the economy going forward. I think you’ll find his ideas interesting and worth considering.

Here’s the link to listen to Brent’s comments. (TRT:17:21 6.7 MB)

Also on tonight’s show is an extended interview with Norman Hollyn, head of the Editing Track at the USC Film School, about improving the craft of editing. Plus, a discussion with our team of regulars — Philip Hodgetts, Michael Horton, Bruce Nazarian, Jonathan Handel, and Stacey Parks — discussing what we can expect in 2009.

You can hear the entire show tonight at 6 PM PST, or anytime after about 7:30 PM on iTunes. Click here for more information on tonight’s show!

Finally, for those looking for ways to grow, or maintain, revenue this next year, I’ve put together three half-hour illustrated lectures filled with ideas on how we can grow our business. The first show focuses on networking, client management, and looking for work. (Here are two tips from this first show that I share with my students: “Never ask for a job, ask for an opinion.” And, second, “The first person to mention money loses cash in the negotiation.” I explain these more in the programs.

The second show, hosted by Bill Frank, looks at techniques you can use to improve your marketing.

The third show, also hosted by Bill Frank, looks at ways you can improve your sales.

These three titles have been very popular these last few months, and they are especially relevant in today’s economy.

Here’s the link to Show 1 – Finding Work.

Here’s the link to Show 2 – Improving Marketing.

Here’s the link to Show 3 – Improving Sales.

Finally, as we recover from 2008 and move forward into 2009, Mike Horton’s comments from last week’s BuZZ can be reassuring. He said: “Creative people work best when there are challenges.” In which case, I’m expecting 2009 to be phenomenal!

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  1. By the way, in case I didn’t say it after our interview… I had a lot of fun chatting with you! Thanks for the chance to talk and thanks (as always!) for all the great advice and content you provide.

    Here’s to a FANTASTIC 2009!

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