Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X

Posted on by Larry

This morning, Apple updated Final Cut Pro X, Motion, and Compressor, with a variety of bug fixes.

Probably the bug fix that would be most valuable to many people – based on the number of emails I received on this – is fixing a problem when trying to burn a single-layer DVD.

Here’s the complete list from Apple:




There are no new features in this version, 10.0.7, which is in keeping with other updates sequences from Apple. A major feature release is followed with a bug-fix release.

While the update is free, I’ll probably wait a couple of days to make sure this doesn’t cause any new problems before updating my production systems. You can access the update via the Mac App Store.

As always, let me know what you think.


3 Responses to Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X

  1. Marcus Moore says:

    After 10.0.6 was so long in coming I was doubtful that 10.0.7 was make an appearance in 2012, but it appears the FCPX dev team is trucking along…

    Incidentally, this is the shortest window between releases so far (44 Days).

    Unfortunately, no update to Apple’s FCPX page teasing us with new features coming in 10.0.8.

    It will be really interesting to see what happens in 2013. I could see one more feature and one more bug fix update leading us right up to NAB in April. At that point it would be great to see Randy back on stage to demo 10.1 for release somewhere around the 2nd anniversary of FCPX in June. It would be going back into the lion’s den, but I think it would be the right move.

  2. Thomas says:

    Hi Larry,

    thanks for posting this! Always appreciated.


  3. Shameer Mulji says:

    “At that point it would be great to see Randy back on stage to demo 10.1….”

    That would be cool. Or for all those Logic Pro fans out there, I’m sure they would love to see the Logic team at Apple demo Logic Pro X, seeing that Logic Pro has gone a few years with no major revision.

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