Premiere Pro CC: Archive Projects with Project Manager

There are two big questions you need to answer when the time comes to archive your project:

As we’ve discussed before, the “where” is pretty confused right now. Options include LTO tape, hard disks, DVDs and The Cloud.

But, if you are using Premiere, the “what” is getting easier to answer, thanks to the Project Manager. Let’s take a look at this powerful feature.


Choose File > Project Manager to display the window. Project Manager has two key functions:

In this article, we will look at the first option.

NOTE: Collecting files into a single location is also a good idea if you plan to share these files between editors.


At the top of the window is a list of all the sequences in your project. Check those that you want to consolidate and archive. While conserving storage space is important, remember this it the long-term archive of your project. Don’t exclude media that you might find useful if your project becomes a wild success and you need to create a Tenth Anniversary version.

NOTE: Nested sequences are not automatically selected. If the sequences you are selecting contain nested sequences, ensure that you include these nested sequences in your selection.

Next, check Collect Files and Copy to New Location.

This option, as you might guess, finds all the files in your project and copies them into a new location. There are several notes here:

NOTE: Project Manager does not collect and copy After Effects compositions that are dynamically linked to an Adobe Premiere Pro project. Project Manager does save the Dynamic Link clip in the trimmed project as an offline clip, however.

In the Options section:

Next, set a Destination Path to a folder specific to that project. Yes, you can store projects anywhere, but, especially when archiving, putting everything related to one project in one folder is a great way to keep things organized.

Click Calculate, at the bottom, to make sure you have enough room to store the project. Then, click OK.


Some projects never need to be archived. Others, though, have a life far beyond their original release. By taking the time to collect all the different project files and put them into one place you can assure yourself they will be around when you need them again in the future.

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