Predicting the Future – A Few Thoughts

Posted on by Larry

I realized a long time ago that I am not very good at predicting the future. Well, at least, not predicting it accurately.

Still, if I look at technology I feel comfortable stating:

However, while those are probably accurate, they miss a much more important point:

Audiences will always want engaging stories, told in new ways, featuring characters they can identify with. Our love of good stories is as old as time and not likely to change.

We’ve reached a point where current technology is fast enough for all of us to do our jobs successfully. We will always want more, but we don’t need more.

In the past, our imaginations were constrained by what our gear could do – or the time it would take our gear to do it. Most of those constraints are gone.

The challenge for many of us today is not technology but business. Finding clients. Finding projects. Finding funding. Keeping the lights on and doors open in a very, very challenging business environment.

It’s enough to cause a severe case of depression.

Until you remember that the reason we got into this business is to tell compelling stories that engage audiences. Not every one can tell a great story. But we can. Our ability to tell stories is what makes us valuable. Not our tools, but our minds.

We are in the business of story-telling. Client service and audience outreach. Enabling communication. Our core skill is magnifying the voice of a talented individual or an organization so that it can be heard.

It is easy to focus on the technology we use. But, in doing so, we open ourselves to competitors who offer the same technology at a lower price.

Rather, we need to focus on what we create. Technology is the tool we use to tell stories to engage the mind of an audiences. We provide information. We provide training. We provide comfort. We provoke thought. We communicate with the world.

In these troubled times, it is easy to get depressed. Let us not forget that our job is to bring great stories to the world. And that transcends technology… or competition.

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10 Responses to Predicting the Future – A Few Thoughts

  1. Peter Phillips says:

    Thank you, Larry. Wise words — and inspiring.

    • Larry says:


      Thanks! It is so easy to get distracted by tech. But there are other issues – far more serious – that need our attention.


  2. Joe Bok says:

    Well said Larry and entirely true! Thanks for sharing. Joe

  3. Tom Knoff says:

    Well stated. My concern is the audience and their ability to discern a good story.

  4. Greg Wood says:

    Larry, you reflect how many of us feel – that the world is NQR ‘not quite right’ but we’ve still got to do our best work. You’ve always inspired me to move with the times. Cheers, Greg

  5. Tim Delaney says:

    Great reminder Larry!

    Keep our eyes on the road!

    Thanks for all you have done for our art/craft!

  6. Clayton Moore says:

    The noise in the channel is so loud and prevalent, but our humanity remains and the ability to cut through the noise to reach people is what we have now. Call THAT the new frontier. Major movie studios have the same problem. NETFLIX now has to come up with a lower cost “commercial” supported model.

    Commercials …………. Hmm where do those come from ?

  7. Clayton Moore says:

    Outstanding post !

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