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Mira Zimet writes:

First of all, I want to tell you that you’ve been a life-saver this weekend! I just started using FCP a few months ago and really had to hit the ground running (have used other non-linear systems in past) — I found quite a few of the answers to my questions on your website and I thank you so much for that. I had to output to BetaSP (going to air) and I thank you so much for your article on blacking a tape!


Now, I’m on to another problem that I can’t figure out — I also need to output to a post house so that they can add a Spanish track — how do I tell Ch1 and Ch2 (sound-bites) to go left and the rest of the channels (nat sound and music) to go right? It’s an hour show and I’d hate to have to go clip by clip if I don’t have to!

Larry replies: Thank you for your kind words! In Final Cut, you can only adjust panning by clip.

However, here’s a neat trick. Open your sequence in the timeline and select all the clips you want to pan to one side and choose Modify > Audio > Pan Left, or Right, to pan all the selected clips to one side.

This is all to one side or the other, nothing in the middle. Still, it’s faster than doing it one clip at a time.

UPDATE – April 8, 2008

Aaron Brown, from Liverpool, UK, writes:

Something I use a lot is the paste attributes function. If you don’t want everything panned hard left or right, just hit command-C on the panned original clip before pressing alt-V on the target clip(s) and choosing paste attributes – pan. Saves loads of time!

Then, Nick Meyers sent in the following:

Mira has some clips on A1+A2 that need to be output separately from clips on A3+A4
the issue is not really one of PANNING, but rather one of ROUTING


The solution to this issue is to change the Audio Outputs of the sequence:

  • Open Sequence > Settings
  • Click the Audio Outputs tab
  • Change “Stereo” to Dual Mono” and click OK.

Back in the timeline, in the patch panel (left hand side) right or control click near the lock icon.


Choose Audio output > 1 or 2


This will send an entire track out ether Channel 1 (left) or Channel 2 (right)

Larry replies: Aaron and Nick, thanks for sending these in.


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