New! Voice Isolation in Apple Final Cut Pro

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One of the new features in the 10.6.2 release of Final Cut Pro is Voice Isolation. Although it is part of Audio Enhancements, you need to turn it on manually.

Normally, I’m not a fan of “automatic,” um, anything. But yesterday, Scott Favorite wrote: “I had a shoot last week inside a loud greenhouse with lots of fans and generator noise. I loved using [Voice Isolation] so much I added it to my outdoor interviews as well.”

Intrigued, I started playing with it. Using it could not be simpler and the results are pretty amazing. What it does is remove noise and hum from audio to make the voice easier to hear and understand. Here’s how it works.

Select an audio clip (or a video clip with audio attached) in the timeline. This one has a lot of background noise and AC hum.

Open the Audio Inspector and enable (check) Voice Isolation.

The default Amount setting of 50 removed the hum and background noise. Drag the slider left to let more background noise in, drag right to remove more of it.

I was not expecting to be impressed with Voice Isolation, but if you are shooting in noisy environments, enabling this one checkbox can create a major improvement in your audio. This is a very helpful audio tool!


Most noise removal tends to remove bass. Add Effects > Fat EQ and boost lower frequencies (around 200 – 400 Hz) 3-5 dB to add a bit more richness to the voice.

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4 Responses to New! Voice Isolation in Apple Final Cut Pro

  1. Scott Newell says:

    If you are looking for this feature in the new FCP update and don’t see it, check to see you’re running Monterey 12.3.1. It doesn’t show up if you’re running some earlier versions of Monterey.

  2. Great Caesar’s Ghost! This works absolutely amazing, especially since it only has one slider to work with. I fly paramotors and have a paramotor YouTube channel and ever since I started it, I’ve been trying to find ways to minimize the insanely loud paramotor noise. No noise reduction/EQ setting did the trick enough but this new feature handles the audio great! I can’t wait to publish my next video with better audio!

  3. Peter Snowdon says:

    I am so grateful that you pointed this out. This is a real game changer. I have tried it on a variety of clips with different kinds of background noise during i/vs including a tractor and it is amazing. It was the main reason I decided to finally update my OS to Monterey and it is worth it just for this.

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