Apple Updates Object Tracking in Final Cut Pro 10.6.2

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With the release of Final Cut Pro 10.6.2, Apple improved object tracking. According to their release notes:

Here is an example.

[ Footage courtesy of Hallmark Broadcast Ltd. ( ]

NOTE: You don’t need to position the new object. You can, but its position can easily be changed later, which is what I’ll do in this tutorial.

NOTE: For best results, the tracked object should be in focus, with sharp edges and good contrast from other elements near it in the frame.

Now, and this is a new feature, let’s add a second object – some text – to the same track.

Play the clip and notice the two objects now track in sync, all usingthe same track.

Down in the timeline, the Tracking Editor appears automatically. This contains the position keyframes for the track.

You can determine which track is active by clicking the down chevron in the Tracking Editor.


NOTE: While this works, I often see a pop at the end of the new track. Worst case, delete and retrack the entire entire clip.


Feel free to explore the other new options in the Tracker menu attached to the Tracker button.

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