Add Synced Audio to Drop Zones in Final Cut Pro

Posted on by Larry

As you may know, drop zones don’t support audio playback in Final Cut. This makes using drop zones with synced audio somewhat, ah, challenging.

But! There’s a simple workaround. Try this.


Since drop zones always start with the frame you clicked in the Browser, and the compound clip In matches the start of the drop zone, your audio will be in sync in the timeline, while the video plays in the drop zone.



Drop zones don’t allow shot changes. If you want to change shots, or edit the talking head in the drop zone, create a new project and edit the drop zone video exactly as you want it to appear. When the edit is complete, select the entire timeline (Cmd + A) and convert it into a compound clip (Option + G).

Then, follow the instructions above to add the edited video into the drop zone and the audio into the timeline.

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